Netscout Test Lab Optimization Solutions

Improving Efficiency, Speed, and Performance in Network and Application Test Labs

Test Automation has become a commonly-used term in Application and Cloud companies. Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud-based applications dominate the product development landscape in the B2B and B2C markets. Test Automation in the form of continuous regression of these applications has become a widely-used practice in AGILE and Container-based Dev Ops environments.

The solution enables customers to optimize cyber and security test labs by providing innovative functionality that combines layer 1 switching with layer 2-4 intelligence. By replacing patch panels with layer 1 switches, such as the nGenius 3900 Series for Test Lab Automation, which enables simplified moves, adds, and changes of test tool connections, customers can dramatically improve the utilization of existing test lab equipment. With the layer 2-4 intelligence and functionality offered by the 3900 Series and its TestStream Management Software, customers can add capabilities including filtering, impairment, packet generation, test stream aggregation, and rate conversion to further improve test lab performance.

TestStream Management Software for Test Optimization

Increase efficiency, speed, and performance of test labs

TestStream Management Software provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface to define and manage topologies using layer 1 matrix switching and to apply layer 2-4 functions enabling increased efficiency, speed, and performance of test labs.

TestStream Management Software:

  • Integrated intelligence with Layer 1-4 functions from a single user interface
  • Scalable deployment options to control up to 32 switches from a single instance
  • Simple drag-and-drop provisioning of layer 1 connectivity and Layer 2-4 optimization functions
  • Manage topologies to share lab tools and devices under test
  • Real-time and historical statistics for increased visibility
  • Threshold alarming and user activity logging for rapid isolation of problems
  • CLI for integrating with internal tools or 3rd party automation software

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