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Radio Access Network (ran) testing, eNode B performance Testing.

ARTIZA is the solution for eNode B performance testing. Testing of the eNode B in wrap around as well as against a real EPC is supported.
ARTIZA sets the criteria for effective evaluations of LTE eNB to prepare for realistic overload and burst call situations:

  • 500 calls per second (attach, detach, paging)
  • 840 active (simultaneously RRC-connected) UEs per sector
  • Stateful control of individual UE behaviors of all 1,000 UEs

Effective testing on mixed traffic generation models requires very complex and detailed parameter settings, in addition to the high number of UE emulations. Artiza's minimum testing standard requires: 

  • 8 bearers per UE (1 association per eNB) ü Simultaneous multi scenario generations of up to 1,000 
  • Mix of all handover and re-establishment sequences (Inter-frequency, Intra-frequency, Inter-RAT) 
  • Variable and random U-plane holding time 
  • Call volumes and variations of attach rate