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DDOS Protection Solution

DDOS Protection Solution

DDoS Protection Solution

Prevent DDoS attacks and loss of valuable data which can cost over $100.000+ in damage.

As of today, businesses have never been more connected and dependent on the availability of websites and online services. With DDoS attacks on the rise in size, frequency and complexity it will have an impact on the availability of your business becomes a target of a DDoS attack. A typical DDoS attack could cost your company $1000 - $5000 a minute.

A DDoS attack today is in fact a series of attacks that target not just connection bandwidth, but multiple devices that make up your existing security infrastructure, such as Firewall/IPS devices, as well as a wide variety of applications that the business relies on, like HTTP, HTTPS, VoIP, DNS and SMTP.

  • Revenue Loss
  • Damage to brand and customer loyalty
  • SLA credits, regulatory fees
  • Cost to migrate the attack
  • Production/Supply chain disruption fees

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