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KPI visualisation

KPI visualisation

Tucana Business Intelligence and KPI visualisation (BIKV)

Tucana's ground-breaking BIKV application suite helps operators develop their businesses, and drives the change towards customer centricity, by providing a common platform throughout the organization. It takes OSS and performance monitoring of services and user experience to the next level, helping telecom operators to be in control of their services.

Business value

BIKV gives the user access to all possible perspectives, from a helicopter view to unmatched drill-down possibilities for in-depth network investigation. BIKV's graphical interface encourages a proactive use that inspires new ways to monitor the data to find degrading trends and other anomalies. Potential problems can be dealt with before they affect the quality of service, increasing the competitiveness of the network operator's business.

The BIKV applications are designed to improve efficiency and support the operational workflow, from KPI and KQI overviews to root-cause analysis. In BIKV, the drill-drown process starts with a helicopter view in the Dashboard application. When an issue arises in a dashboard, you go to the Inspector application to analyse the data in more detail, and perhaps ultimately to the Event analyser, where data can be analysed on a xDR level.


Selected BIKV feature highlights:

  • Performance information and customer and business intelligence via historical reporting and trend-based reporting.
  • Three-dimensional view of performance data including VIP customer/group view, device/handset view, and network/cell view
  • Short user learning curve and personalised reports and dashboards.
  • Unique prioritisation technique
  • Drill-down to the root cause of a problem for fault isolation and troubleshooting service- or customer- related problems.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) management on VIP customers and customers groups through sophisticated visualisation capabilities.