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Layer 4 Monitoring

Layer 4 Monitoring

New corporate challenge
As all communications and applications on IP networks and applications are more and more converging both booming and evolving network usages, operations businesses, service providers and the government need to have a clear view to understand what's happening on their network and applications.

H5 Audits offers "all in on"view of both their network and application flows. The all in one view allows to close the gap between various teams by offering visibility of both the network and business applications.

Reporting & Administration interface: H5-Performance Reporter

The Web reporting portal allows IT Management to consult available driven dashboards at all times. The IT Operations are able to analyze the causes of malfunctions and quickly notify the appropriate teams. This interface allows to coordinate and centralize all information related to the administration and reporting:

  • Simple, comprehensive and intuitive
  • Common to all actors
  • Complete view of your entire network and your applications
  • Built-in and customized reports
  • Ergonomic and fast

Moreover corporations must grant network visibility to the team with reduced operational costs and IT investments. The solution introduced with H5 appliance provides a powerful network visibility solution not only for the network operations center but also for network managers building the network.

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