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Network Monitoring Software

Network Monitoring Software



Network Guardian Tool

An embedded network monitoring software option for Omnia

No matter the size of your company, whether a small startup or a corporation spanning sites all over the world, a secure and reliable network is the foundation of a successful business. Across all markets, services, and products, the internet is the primary means by which a company interacts with its customers providing online marketplaces, payment processing, marketing, communications and more.




Network Performance Dashboard

The network performance dashboard provides visibility into network performance. The clean layout and intuitive user interface distinguishes between what’s functioning properly and any issues that need to be resolved. The dashboard provides an overview of the devices found on the network, which services are running on the devices, the performance of internet connectivity, threat detection, etc.

Traffic Overview

Custos provides continuously updated information regarding internet speed under the traffic overview section. Easily monitor the bandwidth of internet traffic by keeping an eye on inbound and outbound traffic. With this feature, you can get a deeper insight into the usage of network resources.

Threat Detection

The network team needs to know everything occurring on the network to ensure, among other things, that no suspicious activity is overlooked. The display of Custos provides continuous threat detection monitoring and alerting. The alerts are organized by severity for efficient remediation. Regular scanning detects network anomalies and identifies unknown devices through methods such as IP scanning and suspicious DNS requests.

Services Overview

This feature provides a list of all services running on each device in your network such as WhatsApp, Skype, Windows update, etc. The detection is based on DPI. Loss of email, HTTP, or FTP server availability for even just one hour can result in loss of revenue for a business and therefore it is crucial to know the availability of all necessary services on devices. Conversely, this also identifies the use of unknown or deprecated services so appropriate action can be taken.

Inbound and Outbound Traffic Geolocation

A global view offers an overview of geolocation associated with source and destination traffic flows. It shows a geographical representation of where traffic is coming from and going to, likely by IP address.

Rolling Capture

Custos implements a Rolling Capture ring buffer that continuously records network traffic to disk. WIth this feature users can perform historical and forensic analysis of packet capture data to troubleshoot performance issues, investigate threat alerts, and remediate security incidents. Recorded traffic is displayed on a timeline that provides at-a-glance information regarding volume over time. Users can select a time range or, with a click and drag of the cursor, drill down into the timeline.

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