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Smarter SIEM

Smarter SIEM

Meet the cyber security company that is changing the landscape of cyber defense

Move to the Smarter SIEM

The Exabeam Security Management Platform is a modern SIEM that helps security teams work smarter. Organizations can take advantage of its big data architecture, advanced analytics, and automation capabilities.

Exabeam Enables Security Teams to...


  • Advanced Analytics
    Modern Threat detection using behavioral modeling and machine learning.
  • Cloud Connectors
    Reliably collect logs from over 30 cloud services into Exabeam or any other SIEM to enhance your cloud security.
  • Data Lake
    Unlimited collection and secure data storage without volume-based pricing.
  • Entity analytics
    Behavioral Analytics for Internet-Connected Devices to complete your UEBA solution.
  • Incident Responder
    Add automation and orchestration to your SOC to make your cyber security incident response team more productive.
  • Threat Hunter
    Point and click search for efficient threat hunting.

Exabeam Security Management Platform:

Exabeam advantages:

  • Collect unlimited log data
    The Exabeam security data lake combines a modern big data infrastructure and predictable user-based pricing so you can collect and quickly search all of your data sources in a central repository without making compromises due to lack of scalability or budget.
  • Detect and investigate complex and insider threat attacks
    Exabeam’s user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) solution detects anomalous behavior and suspect lateral movements within your organization while machine-built timelines further reduce the time and specialization required to detect attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • Automate and orchestrate incident response
    Exabeam’s incident response solution allows analysts of all levels to combine out-of-the-box integrations with popular security solutions to automate response playbooks and replace manual, error prone processes to ensure timely, consistent results and improve response times.
  • Flexible deployment options
    In addition to being deployed on-premises, the Exabeam Security Management Platform can be deployed on cloud infrastructure, as software-as-a-service or through a managed security service provider, to help CIOs and CISOs transition to the cloud.

Automated Response:
Mean Time to Respond is too slow. Response is partial and misses critical parts of the attack chain

  • Smart Timelines automatically identify and map all affected users and systems in an incident.
  • Pre-built connectors make it easy to automate common tasks such as uninstalling malware, quarantine machines, install a backup etc.
  • Playbook editor makes it easy to automate best practice investigation and response workflows
  • Automated Playbooks deliver efficient, quick, and comprehensive incident response reducing MTTR

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