SentinelOne Data Platform

Unify all of your event and machine-generated data into a single cloud platform and scale without limits.


One Platform for Uncompromising Event Collection & Analytics

Greater scalability and performance. Lower complexity and cost. The SentinelOne Data Platform is
data management for modern product, engineering, security, IT, and DevOps teams.


No More Compromising on Cost

Stop throwing away valuable data because it’s too expensive to retain for long-term historical analysis. The SentinelOne Data Platform’s scalable approach to data management reduces total cost of ownership and delivers positive ROI for most customers in just months—even when compared to open source technologies.

Comprehensive, Not Complex

Seamlessly ingest all of your structured, semi-structured, and unstructured event data from sources across your ecosystem. Streamline your data pipeline by leveraging existing ingestion flows through API, agents, common shippers, and Kafka.

Built for Even the Greatest Data Demands

Power your custom application, solution, or service with the SentinelOne Data Platform under its hood. Leverage the same precision and scale that drives Singularity XDR and Data Analytics to replace open source and alternative technologies, or build confidently from scratch at a lesser cost—no care and feeding required.

Empowering You to Do More With Data

Gain best-in-class analytics, alerting, and visualizations, and achieve the observability your modern enterprise demands without the premium cost or learning curve of other solutions. The SentinelOne Data Platform’s metrics engine evaluates dashboards on a continuous basis, ensuring that your insights and alerts are always as fresh as your event data.

See in 20/20 with Hindsight

Keep your data for as long as you want: simple as that. Whether you need it for one month or ten years, the SentinelOne Data Platform maintains hot, searchable data at production speed. Retain event data indefinitely using SentinelOne-hosted or customer-managed, low-cost S3 storage, and simply pay when you need to query it.

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