VSS Monitoring

VSS Monitoring® is a world leader in network packet brokers (NPB), providing a unique systems approach to enable network-wide and link-layer visibility, access and offload for a broad ecosystem of network monitoring and security tools. Deployed globally by Tier 1 service providers, F500 corporations and major government agencies, VSS Monitoring packet brokers improve tool usage and efficiency, simplify IT operations, and greatly enhance tool ROI.

VSS Monitoring's network packet brokers break the common practice of a 1:1 relationship between the network tools and a network link. VSS' unique vMesh™ technology seamlessly connects hundreds of packet brokers across LAN, WAN and Internet boundaries to form a brokering system or fabric across multiple locations, as well as offloads multiple processing tasks from IT tools, making them significantly more efficient and yielding higher return on investment (ROI). Additionally, it provides unique support for brokering packets to inline security tools, enabling security-in-layers architectures to perform optimally and as designed.

With the proliferation of 10G and faster networks, tools can be overwhelmed. Critical packets are dropped, resulting in degraded security and performance. By using a VSS network packet broker system to abstract traffic from the network access points, then optimizing it for tool efficiency, each network intelligence tool gains access to any network link, in any part of the world, from the application to the packet level-an unprecedented level of link-level visibility and control.

Based in Silicon Valley, VSS has grown profitably into a world market leader, with the largest and most knowledgeable team of customer support engineers and solution partners across the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Target Markets:

80% of Tier 1 Service Providers, numerous vertical market leaders across the Fortune 500 and major governmental agencies worldwide.

Value Proposition

VSS provides the widest access to, and link-layer visibility across, the entire network, enabling:
• Most effective monitoring of application and network performance, due to maximum tool efficiency
• Full integration and leveraging of security tools across local and global networks
• Faster deployment of new network-related services through seamless, network-wide access
• Extended lifecycles for network monitoring and security tools, enabling higher ROI and better investment protection
• The ability to more easily and quickly provision new network-related tools for monitoring, application performance management (APM), and active or passive security - eliminating the contention for SPAN ports or physical deployment of individual TAPs
• Support for network upgrades through mitigating and load balancing existing tools that have lower speed network interfaces• Support for tools with interfaces that are slower than the network traffic they are processing
• More reliable and efficient operation of monitoring and security tools due to advanced offloading of packet-related processing tasks, resulting in lower CapEx and upgrades, as well as reduced OpEx and simpler tool operations
• The unique ability to create "security in layers" architectures, with packet flows optimized across the different tools deployed to maximize tool efficiency and data protection
• Rapidly validate and deploy multi-layer inline and out-of-band security using best-of-breed solutions and gain service assurance for Defense-in-Depth strategies
• Centralized management of all network packet brokers allowing: drag & drop policy creation for local or remote appliances, Full topology view and simplified configuration management and maintenance of all NPBs from a single interface with vMCVSS Differences
• Only VSS has vMesh™ that allows up to 256 network packet brokers to be meshed together to create a fault-tolerant fabric with more than 10,000+ ports to enable a system-level approach to the network monitoring and security infrastructure. It creates unprecedented visibility, density, and scale for NPBs and for the analysis and service assurance solutions they support
• Only VSS has real-time, hardware-based filtering for both in-band and out-of-band tool optimization
• Only VSS has session-aware and flow-based load balancing for the LAN, WAN and cloud environments, with the largest number of load balancing options
• Only VSS has both positive and negative health checks for in-band tools
• Only VSS has user-defined policy-based event triggering and actions for both in-band and out-of-band tool environments, allowing users to pre-determine NPB port responses to changing network conditions in all environments
• Only VSS has microburst detection at the industry-leading nanosecond level with vCapacity™
• Only VSS has conditional packet slicing for data transfer and storage
• Only VSS keeps network traffic flowing, without regard to battery-powered limitations, if a power outage affects the NPB with vAssure™, our battery-less, IEEE compliant technology
• VSS leads the industry with time and port stamping latency, under 10 nanoseconds
• VSS has the fastest 40G NPB with the highest port density in a 1RU appliance


The industry-leading VSS product portfoliovBroker™ series
vBroker™ 200 family Modular network packet brokers with the full VSS core feature set: Filtering, grooming, time/port stamping, etc.
vBroker™ 300 family 40G-ready network packet brokers with up to 56 ports; Highest density 1RU available today.
vProtector™ Series for active/inline tool optimization up to 10G, to manage network access, load balancing, and fail-over of active/inline network intelligence appliances (e.g. intrusion prevention systems, proxy servers, and WAN accelerators).
Distributed Series for passive tool optimization up to 10G, to tap inline to network links or connect to SPAN ports for capturing, grooming, and pre-analyzing traffic for network monitoring tools.
Finder Series adds DPI-based content matching and filtering up to 10G, finding "needles in the haystack" within the system's captured traffic before passing to forensics, security or storage tools.
TAP Series includes basic network TAPs, TAP and SPAN switches, regeneration TAPs, and SPAN port aggregators. These products offer basic tap functions, but lack the intelligent traffic processing of the Distributed Series products.
vMC™ The VSS Management Console can manage hundreds of network packet brokers from a single view. It allows for easy bulk software updates, drag & drop policy creation that enables filters and optimization on local or remote appliances.


Over 1,000 customers worldwide have deployed VSS systems.

Corporate Status

VSS Monitoring was founded in 2003. In July 2012, VSS was acquired by Danaher Corporation as a standalone business with the Communications Group.

Corporate Milestones

2005 Launches to market with a 30+ product range.

2006 Ships industry's 1st NPB system, pioneers high-density aggregation, SPAN/inline options.

2007 Ships industry's 1st low-density NPB system with advanced traffic filtering, grooming and offload capabilities. Opens Tokyo, Japan office.

2008 Ships industry's first 10 G NPB device. Opens Beijing, China office.

2009 Pioneers vMesh™ with vStack+™ technology, allowing creation of a low-latency, fault-tolerant, system, scaling to a worldwide WAN.

2010 Launches VSS Information Assurance Suite™ with the vProtector Series™ and Finder Series Secures $20 million market-expansion financing, led by Battery Ventures. Wins Product of the Year Award from 4G Wireless Evolution for Optimizer 2016 LTE.

2011 Named as Top 50 Fastest Growing Private Company in Silicon Valley by Silicon Valley Business Journal.

2012 Acquired by Danaher Corporation, a Fortune 200 company, as a standalone business within Danaher's Communications Group.