SentinelOne Identity Security

Identity security for autonomous protection

94% Have Experienced an Identity Breach

Organizations can prevent attackers from gaining access to your Active Directory and Azure AD crown jewels—whether on-prem or in the cloud—and identify attempts to expand access, establish persistence, and move laterally.

Singularity™ Identity ends credential misuse through real-time infrastructure defense for Active Directory and deception-based endpoint protections.

Will Your Active Directory Withstand Direct Attack?

Singularity Identity defends Active Directory & Azure AD domain controllers and
domain-joined assets from adversaries aiming to gain privilege and move covertly.

Singularity™ Ranger® Active Directory Assessor: A cloud-delivered, continuous identity assessment solution designed to uncover vulnerabilities in Active Directory and Azure AD.

How Vulnerable Is Your Active Directory?

Ranger® AD Assessor delivers prescriptive, actionable insight to reduce Active Directory and Azure AD attack surfaces, bringing them in line with security best practices.

Singularity™ Hologram is network-based threat deception that lures in-network and insider threat actors into engaging and revealing themselves.

Engage the Adversary Directly

Singularity Hologram decoys stand at the ready, waiting to be engaged by adversaries and insiders. The resulting telemetry supports investigations and contributes to adversary intelligence.

Hologram Stands Guard Inside Your Network

Use high-interaction deception and decoy technology to lure in-network attackers into revealing themselves. By misdirecting attacks, organizations gain actionable information about TTPs and reduced time to detect, analyze, and stop attackers.

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