VIAVI Network Performance and Threat Solutions

Together we keep networks in business

VIAVI enables you with the network performance management tools to use them with end-user experience monitoring, observability, and threat intelligence. Critical for Network performance and Security.

Network Performance Monitoring Tools
Observer delivers multi-dimensional end-user experience scoring on every transaction, pre-engineered workflows, real-time site-based dashboards, and with deep data visibility for fast problem resolution, comprehensive operational awareness, and powerful forensic investigations.

Network Security Tools
Stop hackers with the VIAVI real-time threat hunting and security breach remediation solutions. Our solutions are designed for enterprise networks. They analyze traffic behavior over time and store conversations to provide a unique incident response process plan.

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Gain a comprehensive cloud-to-on-premises service visibility with end-user experience scoring powered by packets and active test. Apex provides visibility and adaptability via multiple data sources: metadata, packets, enriched flow, and active monitoring.

Enable end-user experience scoring with the industry’s best packet capture, analysis, and storage solution – empowering IT teams with in-depth network conversation details for performance optimization, troubleshooting, , and security investigations.

GigaFlow integrates network, user data, and infrastructure into a single enriched flow record. Intelligently combining mountains of unstructured data into a concise record, it provides in-depth details on network device types, traffic control, connectivity, and usage patterns.

Industry-leading wire data analysis without breaking the bank. ObserverONE is the VIAVI enterprise solution to enable IT teams to gain the powerful security and performance insights of the entire Observer platform, all in one extensible box.

Observer Analyzer monitors unified communications (UC) deployments, applications, network security performance, and troubleshoots complex network traffic, including VM environments. It offers immediate issue resolution and builds long-term performance improvements.

The Observer Management Server (OMS) UI is a cyber security tool that provides simple navigation to easily authenticate security threats, manage user access and password credentials, administer web application upgrades, and streamline management tools from a single, centralized location.

An optimized end-user experience that provides a solution that offers flexible deployment options for your network observation needs. A high-performance, cost-effective, scalable, metadata-only solution that provides packet-level visibility from the network edge to the core of the data center.

Our network TAPs are passive, full-duplex devices that provide full visibility to monitoring devices regardless of traffic level. nTAPs are transparent for monitoring critical links and ensure continuous network data flow even if power fails. nTAPs are modularized, scalable, space efficient, and economical.

Observer Sentry has redefined cloud threat exposure management, giving you the visibility you need to quickly identify, prioritize, and remediate threats prior to being compromised. It analyzes and visualizes your AWS environment to help you pinpoint where and why cloud assets are most vulnerable to attack.

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