Gillam Test Switch gears & DC Protection Relays

Test your switch gears and DC protection relays with the IDC20K.


The IDC20K is an innovative portable solution, designed to provide high currents with specific waveforms needed to perform di/dt, IMAX, distant fault short circuit testing of switchgear and protective relays used in 600 V to 3 kV DC traction power supplies.
The IDC20K performs a primary current injection of up to 20.000 A (2.500 A per module) with a low voltage of 7,5 V.
Programmable transient waveforms make it suitable for overcurrent testing as well as for complex time-dependent fault conditions like distant short circuits.
The recharge time is <1 min.


  • Portable
  • Start up time is less than 10 minutes
  • Recharge time is less than 1 minute
  • Highly accurate measurement
  • Current injection up to 20,000 A

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