RFIS RF Emission Monitoring

Ensure Radio Frequency emissions near wireless sites are compliant
with all safety standards for human exposure, 24/7/365

Now is the time for RFIS™

Proactively address 5G safety concerns by providing real-time monitoring and reporting of Radio Frequency exposure levels for all technologies; benefits the telecom industry, regulators, building owners, real estate industry, utility and service workers and the general public.

The solution

Continuously monitor RF exposure with customized SMS text or email alert notifications to your mobile device and/or network operations center (NOC)

Alert notification

RFIS’s dashboard provides clients with access to important alerts in real-time, as well as pertinent site related data including:

  • Compliance status for human exposure

  • Adjustable notification parameters

  • RF contribution % by operator

  • Mitigation controls status



Generate on-site compliance reports with a
push of a button

Transforming the auditing process

RFIS’ on-demand reporting feature eliminates the need for regularly scheduled audits and traditional surveys caused by wireless carrier colocation or equipment changes; saves millions of dollars spent annually on RF compliance.

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