H5 Network Performance Intelligence

A complete solution that offers global visibility and scalability. Easy to pilot & real-time results

IP Applications Monitoring

Business is tough! Competition is high and business conditions are getting rougher. You need to invest steadily in IT Technologies to remain in the race! Your IP Network is under high solicitations: all communications are converging. Based on “Network Performance Intelligence” and thanks to decades of expertise in auditing network, H5 has developed its H5-Appliance range to address IT teams needs with a complete solution that offers global visibility and scalability, which is easy to pilot & is giving real-time results.

NetFlow/SFlow Monitoring

H5 has developed a solution that provides to the network administrators a business visibility via simple intuitive and complete views. H5 relies on a proven and standardized model which is easy to implement and with a low TCO (total cost of ownership).

Multicast flows Monitoring

Multicast flows, unlike unicast or point to point flows, allow a small group of servers to send data to a large base of subscribers in real time with a proven efficiency for multiple emerging applications: IPTV, financial data distribution, software updates distribution, Visio conferencing, telemedicine, e-learning, etc. H5 Audit R&D teams designed H5-RT; a distributed monitoring architecture providing multicast flow visibility on large scale networks including Satellite multicast network, IPTV and Trade floor information networks.

Centralized Monitoring

IT usages are booming! IP networks administration and Reporting need to support communication and applications convergence. In order to support daily operations, you need to understand quickly and comprehensively what is happening with business applications in a snap time. H5-Central Performance Reporter is a centralized reporting and multi-appliances H5 solution. It includes a simple, complete and intuitive Reporting, with an access to ergonomic and instantaneous multi-appliances dashboards (from 2 up to 50 appliances).

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