Subtonomy Fixed Wireless Access & Mobile Broadband

Revolutionize your 5G FWA Support


With our Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) support suite you accelerate into 5G broadband, designed to work seamlessly across all your digital channels – from mobile apps and AI chatbots to self-service platforms, IVR, automations and call centers. Leverage the efficiency and scalability of 5G FWA technology. Our advanced solutions proactively manage cell congestion and optimize connectivity for peak performance.

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The tech support behind your
5G FWA success:

Deliver superior 5G FWA service

Ensure customers get reliable broadband, backed by Subtonomy’s expert support solution.

Validate cell allocation

Validate whether the outdoor unit is connected to the assigned 5G FWA cell or whether any adjustments are required.

Conquer network congestion

Evaluate mobile network capacity in advance to avoid congestion, ensure optimal service capacity and maintain your brand’s reputation. 

Streamline 24/7 support

Unlock world-class support with our consolidated and seamless 5G FWA solution across all channels.


Empower 24/7 Self-Service

Empower both engineers and customers through self-service channels, guide the installation of outdoor and indoor units, advise on reboots, advise on restarts and clarify whether issues arise from the hardware or network.

With an accurate, customer-centric 360˚ service overview, you can instantly alert only customers affected by a service anomaly, so you can provide a personalized customer support experience and real-time updates. And with personalized technical support in your customers’ pocket, you are always open to serve.

One connected agent desktop

Empower your agents by giving them a connected desktop and providing them with all the customer-centric service data they need in ONE single tool. Your agent will be empowered to determine if and what issues the individual customer is experiencing and take the best actions to resolve the potential issues.

​Any issues impacting the customer’s network experience or device performance are clearly flagged to support agents via color-coded and clear text messages.

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