Cubro Network Packet Brokers

Maximise your investment in monitoring and security tools

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Maximise your investment in monitoring and security tools with a Network Packet Broker

The adoption of technologies like 5G SA, SDN, SD-WAN, virtualization, and IoT has led to increased complex networks. This has created ‘blind spots’. Blind spots refer to network traffic that remains invisible to network monitoring, security and analytics tools. These hidden areas can obscure network performance and security threats.

What is the role of a network packet broker?

Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) remove network traffic blind spots, filter network traffic, optimize network traffic, filter network traffic, load balance, and support high speed connections (currently) up to 400Gbps. NPBs receive and aggregate network traffic from network TAPs or switch SPAN ports which can then be filtered, deduplicated, and further optimized to enable more efficient use of performance and security tools.

What makes Cubro’s network packet broker different?

Cubro’s advanced NPBs are designed to meet the needs of complex networks and support numerous tunneling protocols including CFP, ERSPAN, GRE, GTP, MPLS, MPLS over UDP, NVGRE, and VXLAN. The key to realizing such an advanced feature set is that we are using high-performance silicons giving us the performance and flexibility to truly function as a Next Generation Network Packet Broker.

The Solution –
Sample deployment illustration

Find the Network Packet Broker that fits your network

Next generation Network Packet Brokers with built-in CPU up to Layer 7

These products feature one or two built-in high-performance ARM CPUs for most demanding applications like Deduplication, NetFlow generation or Regex Search filtering. Moreover, these products allow to run Custos which is our own embedded network monitoring software based on DPI including Application filtering.

Business Value of Using a Network Packet Broker

  • Improve network performance
  • Improve network analytics, network security posture and business continuity
  • Reduce network tool costs and TCO and network infrastructure
  • Increase network tools’ life span and ROI
  • Extend network tools’ life span
  • Improve operational flexibility, while not affecting the original network traffic
  • Easy planning and budgeting – transparent pricing with, typically, all capacity and features included

Do you have any questions about Cubro’s Network Packet Brokers? Our specialists are happy to help.