Proofpoint. Protect people. Defend data.

Attackers know your people are the easiest way into your organization. Defend them. Protect them. Empower them.

Most cyber attacks target people, not technology. That’s why their approach to cybersecurity centers around people.
Proofpoint helps you understand the individual risk people pose.
They stop the threats that target them and provide the tools they need to stay safe and alert. No other cybersecurity company protects people and brands more effectively than they do.

Our Mission: Protect People Defend Data

Defending Data is a natural extension of our People-Centric Security approach

Defenders Don’t Focus on People, but Attackers Do

Fast Facts:

85% of public breaches started with attacks targeting people via email
Business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC) cost organizations $26.2 billion
Worldwide 86% of organizations experienced BEC attacks in 2019

Proofpoint Architecture Day in the Life of Email

Cybersecurity Products

Built on the cloud and the world’s most advanced threat intelligence platform, our cybersecurity solutions help you effectively prevent, defend and respond to today’s biggest threats and compliance risks.

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The Threat Protection Platform

Advanced Threat Simulation and Security awareness Training

  • Named a leader for the fifth consecutive year in Security Awareness Computer-Based Training vendors
  • Continued innovation in “measurable security performance” to reduce risk
  • Broad-based security awareness coupled with anti-phishing training and assessments

How we’re addressing the need through a people-centric platform

People-Centric Security Platform Architecture

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