SentinelOne AI-Powered Security Platform

Go beyond endpoints with one enterprise-wide platform for threats across your attack surfaces

Build the Right Foundation for Enterprise-Wide Security

The Singularity  Platform is used by world’s leading enterprises to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber attacks at greater scale, machine-speed, and higher accuracy across endpoint, cloud, and identity.


Maximize visibility across the entire enterprise.


Defend your enterprise with unrivaled speed, coverage, and efficiency.


Leverage AI to respond across the entire connected security ecosystem.

Singularity Cloud

Secure Your Hybrid Cloud

Singularity Cloud Workload Security extends visibility and security across servers, containers, VMs, and Kubernetes clusters, protecting your assets in private clouds, public clouds, and on-premise data centers. Without sacrificing performance, detect, prevent, investigate, and respond to runtime threats in real-time.

Singularity Identity

Protect Your Identity Infrastructure and Credentials

Singularity Identity offers real-time, proactive defense to mitigate cyber risk, defend against cyber attacks, and end credential misuse.

Singularity Ranger

Control Your Network

Singularity Ranger uses built-in agent technology to passively and actively map networks, delivering instant asset inventories and information about rogue devices. Investigate how managed and unmanaged devices interact with critical assets and utilize device control from an unified interface to control IoT and unmanaged or suspicious or devices.

Backed by the Industry

SentinelOne is recognized by industry experts

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