VIAVI Compute, Storage and Transport Testing

Streamline your product development process using industry-leading test and validation tools

VIAVI Exercisers, Jammers and Xgig Analyzers operate at PCIe 5.0, 4.0, and 3.0 standards, up to data rates of 32GTps. Multi-function, multi-protocol analyzers for SAS and SATA, Fibre Channel support data and Gigabit Ethernet rates up to 128Gbps. VIAVI instruments will help you easily identify and resolve problems while reducing new product design and time-to-market.

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Detailed analysis of communication at all layers of the PCIe stack

Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) is the industry-standard high-speed computer bus architecture used to connect processors to memory, peripherals and other components. PCIe, now in its fifth generation, uses a point-to-point topology to provide individual connections for each connected device.

Mission-critical tools for engineers working with SAS and SATA protocols

Improve quality and R&D efforts while supporting data center deployment and troubleshooting in the field. SAS and SATA storage protocols offer easy configuration and pathways to faster throughput.

Analysis Systems for Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel

Fully integrated, portable platforms with reconfigurable ports that allow you to perform analysis, in-line, non-intrusive capture, and inline jamming.

State-of-the-art protocol analysis and jamming solutions

As network protocols and storage applications increasingly rely on PCIe, NVMe, CXL, Fibre Channel and SAS/SATA technologies, VIAVI Solutions is committed to delivering Protocol Analyzers, Exercisers, Jammers and advanced software debugging tools to support their ongoing adoption.

Exercisers and generators for protocol compliance testing and signal quality evaluation

An Xgig Generator is a combination of hardware and software which can transmit user defined data packets to a device under test (DUT). It is used in conjunction with an Analyzer that monitors the DUT’s response. An Xgig Exerciser can transmit packets and respond to incoming packets from the DUT, enabling complex test cases.

Deterministic Error Injection for evaluating error response and debug of difficult problems

A protocol Jammer (also known as Error Injector) can corrupt data packets in very specific ways to evaluate DUT and system response to the error. The Jammer user can define the type of corruption to be performed, and the time or event that triggers the corruption event.

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