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  • Enhance Your AWS Security with Automated Audits

    Secure your AWS environment with VIAVI advanced solutions for automated security group audits. Our white paper explores how CTEM can transform your network management, enhance IT efficiency, and simplify network complexity with our patented AI-learned EUE Scoring.

  • Testing Functional Aliases for Railway Communications

    The rail industry, particularly in Europe, is looking to move away from the Global System for Mobile Communications-Railway (GSM-R) to Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS).  Like many industries, the technologies currently in use are dated and will become obsolete relatively quickly.  

  • Ebook: Streamlining Network Monitoring and SIEM Integration with Cubro Solutions

    Network monitoring is the process of monitoring network traffic to identify issues, optimize network performance, and ensure network security. SIEM, on the other hand, is a security solution that combines security information management and security event management.

  • The Path to Mission Critical Broadband

    Since private and land mobile radio technologies have limited data capabilities critical communication service providers are moving to 4G and 5G. This article is from our partner Creanord about mission-critical broadband - models, challenges, and solutions

  • The 4th Dimension of Threat Exposure Management

    VIAVI Observer Sentry now features Traffic Insights, transforming how we understand and react to cyber threats. By analyzing traffic data, we uncover not just unwanted exposures but actual exploits, providing a whole new level of insight.

  • 5 Ways to stop scam calls

    Scam calls refer to fraudulent phone calls made with the intention of deceiving or defrauding individuals. Scammers typically pose as legitimate organizations, such as banks, government agencies, or well-known companies, in order to gain the trust of the recipient.

  • EMITE I70 Series Reverberation Chamber for OTA testing

    Whether working with 5G networks, IoT devices, or examining coexistence scenarios, the I70 Series enables innovation while ensuring seamless connectivity and top-notch performance.

  • Can Interactive Voice Response become less of a pain?

    Pretty much all large companies use it as a cost-effective way to deal with large volumes of queries, even though the research says that everyone seems to hate it. But that research can be somewhat misleading and automation can be the key to creating better personal interactions between the caller and customer service.

  • Creanord Launches Comprehensive Broadband Testing Solution

    Creanord announced the launch of its state-of-the-art broadband testing tool designed to automate turn-up testing and troubleshooting of broadband internet services.

  • VIAVI State of the Network Study 2024/25

    The 16th Edition State of the Network Study is leading this year’s trends to put network observability, tool consolidation, and Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) into focus.

  • Valid8 IMS Testing Solutions

    Valid8 delivers a comprehensive set of testing tools for IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS). We are helping our customers emulate end-to-end the IMS Client, CSCF, HSS and AS. With Valid8, our customers can test the AS or the Mobile Core.

  • Subtonomy accelerates expansion into Benelux and DACH via a new strategic partnership with Tucana

    Subtonomy and Tucana are pleased to announce they have signed a new, exclusive partnership agreement covering the Benelux and DACH region, combining Subtonomy’s telecoms technical customer support suite and Tucana’s sales and delivery capabilities.

  • 1 nano second timestamping for high-speed Network Packet Brokers

    Cubro's flagship G5plus family of high-speed 100G Network Packet Brokers has been further enhanced. With the new software release, the EXA32100A/EXA64100 Network Packet Brokers allow adding 8-byte timestamp information to arriving packets.

  • When Precision, Clear & Guaranteed Communications Are A Requirement, Valid8 Responds

    With the evolution of communication comes the need for more than voice in critical communication situations.  Mission Critical Video and Data are growing in acceptance along with PTT.

  • The AI Opportunity in Security Operations

    As a CISO, are you prepared for the benefits and risk of leveraging AI in security operations? As business leaders and decision makers embrace the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), they are confronted with critical questions.

  • Valid8 Completes DHS SBIR 23.1 Phase I MCX Technical Objectives

    As part of the process, Valid8 became the first company to execute automated Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT) Server-to-Server tests on a commercially available MCX Server.

  • Combat Fraud in Telecommunications

    The Utel Fraud Management System tackles the challenges head-on, offering innovative anomaly detection solutions based on AI/ML to protect both telecom infrastructures and customers.

  • Advanced TWAMP Monitoring Techniques for 5G Networks

    What if TWAMP protocol is your answer to advanced network monitoring? Refresh your knowledge of advanced TWAMP monitoring techniques for 5G networks.

  • Cubro Omnia Solution Suite

    With Omnics, operators can filter traffic based on user IP address, IMSI, and application detection, optimizing resource usage. DPI enables extracting relevant data, leading to lower volumes with essential information for advanced monitoring and analytics.

  • VIAVI Xgig Exerciser Approved for CXL 1.1 Gold Suite Compliance Testing

    With this approval, the Xgig CXL Exerciser can now qualify CXL devices’ protocol implementations for the CXL Integrators List.

  • Creanord Introduces Network Health Check for 5G Transport Networks

    Creanord is introducing a new Network Health Check for 5G transport networks that allows service providers to benchmark their mobile transport networks to make sure it is ready for 5G and provides an optimal end-user experience.

  • End-User Experience Monitoring

    Understanding the user experience is the key to optimized application performance and issue resolution. End-User Experience Monitoring solutions from VIAVI utilize powerful machine learning to deliver real-time insights through a single, intuitive score.

  • Telecommunication fraud types explained

    In the telco fraud territory we have many different fraud types. IRSF, subscription fraud, SIM-swapping, wangiri.. but what does it all mean, and more importantly, how does it affect your business and customers?

  • Discover the Revolution in Telecommunications Testing with EMITE Turnkey RF [T-RF] Module

    This module enables unprecedented calibration and testing, eliminating the need for RF cable reconnections, facilitating never-before-seen levels of automation.

  • PCIe 6.0 Versatile 64GT/s PAM4 protocol testing platform

    VIAVI PCIe6 protocol analysis solutions are capable of supporting 64GT/s data link speed operations with support for CXL and NVMe—as well as new PCIe6 specification features like PCIe FLIT Mode, FEC and TS0 Ordered Set.

  • New option for 64 Channel support for LoRaWAN testers

    We would like to inform you about the newly released RWC5020B/M option for 64CH support from RedwoodComm.

  • 5+1 Reasons why Vendor Independence is healthy for your business

    Do you prefer an independent vendor for monitoring your network when it comes to signaling traffic? Here are 5 reasons why...

  • EMITE 5G OTA LAB: Leading the 5G Revolution!

    EMITE's lab not only meets the most demanding standards but also contributes to the accelerated development of fully operative 5G OTA test systems, targeting carriers' real-world requirements and OEM capabilities.

  • VIAVI Network Monitoring Technology

    Cybersecurity threats don’t just affect the safety of your enterprise; They can also be a major influence on a network’s performance. If your infrastructure isn’t secure, harmful actors may enter your network and target specific functions or devices.

  • Elevating Testing Standards with EMITE’s Hybrid Reverberation/Anechoic Chamber OTA Test Systems

    EMITE’s Hybrid Chamber combines all the advantages of their revered Reverberation Chamber with the cutting-edge features of an Anechoic Chamber.

  • Creanord Completes First Cloud Connect Service Monitoring Project

    Creanord has completed its first cloud connect service monitoring project providing business customers premium services with continuous monitoring and strict SLA guarantees at a large Tier 1 operator.

  • PCIe Test Challenges for Gen 4, 5 and 6

    Detailed analysis of communication at all layers of the PCIe stack. Download your copy of this informative document here.

  • Omnishark – the Swiss army knife for network analytics & security

    Omnishark can work as a troubleshooting tool or can be a source of metadata to an SIEM. For instance to offload the SIEM, because Omnishark can break down Giga and Terabit raw data into single events.

  • Transforming evidence with EMITE Pyramid Absorber Arrays

    At the heart of their test chambers, you'll find EMITE's Pyramid Absorber Arrays (PAA), an essential tool for shaping the behaviour of the root mean square delay and coherence bandwidth in test scenarios.

  • Network Tapping of 2G through 5G Standalone telecom networks

    This white paper provides an overview of physical and virtual network tapping and network packet broker network visibility solutions, their role in telecom networks and how they have evolved from 2G through to 5G Stand Alone network environments.

  • VPN Monitoring and Management

    VPN oversubscription is a leading cause of network disruption for remotely based employees, severely impacting work productivity. The need to monitor VPN traffic and ensure that productivity is maintained has never been greater.

  • Discover Infinity with EMITE Phantoms

    In the universe of telecommunications engineering, EMITE and SPEAG join forces to bring you an infinite range of Phantoms. Designed to simulate the electromagnetic properties of the human body, our Phantoms enable safe and efficient radiation testing.

  • PCIe 6.0 Protocol Analysis Testing Platform

    The new VIAVI PCIe 6.0 protocol analysis testing platform will include Analyzers, Exercisers, and Interposers, provinding an option that enables its customers to capture 64 GT/s PCIe 6.0 traces on existing Xgig PCIe 5.0 equipment.

  • Advanced Network Packet Broker

    The EXA32400 is a high-performance advanced network packet broker designed to optimize the flow of network traffic to security, monitoring, and management tools. This cutting-edge unit, part of the renowned Cubro G5+ series, brings unparalleled connectivity and flexibility to your network infrastructure.

  • Using Digital Twins & Securing your 5G Network

    we have 2 great EBooks for you! Learn how Valid8's digital twin capabilities can improve security, performance, and compliance testing. And also discover their current testing options and the value of a purpose-built, flexible and intuitive solution.

  • Reducing Power Consumption with Cubro’s Network Visibility Solutions

    As more high-performance applications and cloud computing solutions come into play, the need for energy efficiency is increasingly important. Network visibility and monitoring is not an exception, as it consumes a significant amount of energy.

  • Find your perfect instruments and accessories with EMITE

    Need high quality equipment? The range of instruments and accessories from our partner EMITE is second to none. From the most advanced test equipment to the simplest wrist phantom, they have it all.

  • End-User Experience Scoring

    If you are challenged to quickly identify (and resolve) end-user network and application issues, now is the time for a new approach. Stop wading through unrelated KPIs and get the score on helping your users.

  • Digital Twin Emulation

    By creating a highly realistic representation of real-world conditions, businesses can perform emulation, integration, testing, monitoring and maintenance before going live in production.

  • Optimise your Measurements with EMITE’s Vector Network Analysers

    Our partner EMITE pre-selects optimal configurations for your OTA test needs, providing cost-effective VNA solutions for your calibration needs.

  • Cubro Visibility: Supporting Zero Trust Network Architectures

    Companies are moving towards a zero-trust network architecture due to the frequency of target-based cyber attacks and increasing regulations for data protection and information security.

  • MIMO Measurements Made Simple: EMITE’s Patented Technology Inspired by Nature

    Rather than simply focusing on the amount of light, our technology observes changes in the polarisation of light, allowing us to perform MIMO measurements with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

  • How 7 Companies Improved Network Visibility

    As leadership demands greater accountability, IT teams are stepping up their network monitoring and management efforts to address these dynamic times and never-ending velocity of change.

  • 3 Different test modes to suit your MIMO measurement needs

    EMITE offers three different test modes to suit your MIMO measurement needs. Passive Mode Test. Active MIMO OTA Testing & Time Domain MIMO Tests.

  • Free Webinar – Pain Points and PCIe Protocol Analyzers

    Join us for this webinar to learn more about megatrends for data-intensive applications and how the XGIG protocol analyzers family can support your product’s journey through the design, verification, compliance and optimization phases getting a faster time to market.

  • New distribution agreement with VIAVI

    We are excited to inform you that we have entered into a distribution agreement with VIAVI Solutions Inc., a global leader in network test, monitoring, and assurance solutions. This agreement will enable us to offer you a wider range of high-performance products and services for your Compute, Storage and Transport (CST) and Network Performance and Threat Solutions (NPTS) needs.

  • Introducing Cubro’s Highly Advanced 400G Advanced Network Packet Broker EXA32400

    Cubro is proud to unveil its groundbreaking 400G Advanced Network Packet Broker, featuring the most innovative P4 programmable chipset. Designed to address the evolving needs of high-speed networks, this cutting-edge NPB offers unmatched capabilities, flexibility and performance.

  • 5 Ways to stop Wangiri fraud

    Did you know that Wangiri is a Japanese term meaning "one ring and cut" and is one of the most serious telecom fraud types scamming millions of people each year? Check out how Utel is using machine learning to help combat these criminals.

  • Creanord Wins Large Shadow Router Replacement Deal

    Creanord announced today that it has been chosen for yet another large shadow router replacement deal in order to improve scalability, granularity, and accuracy for core network performance monitoring at a large Tier 1 operator.

  • Large size Reverberation/Anechoic Chamber 200 MHz to 220 GHz

    The F-Series are ideal for testing devices and antennas over a wide frequency range, from 200 MHz to 220 GHz, covering all 4G, 5G and 6G communication bands. Designed to provide fast and accurate test solutions, these state-of-the-art anechoic chambers deliver optimal results in OTA (Over-the-Air), MIMO and Massive MIMO testing.

  • LockBit for Mac | How Real is the Risk of macOS Ransomware?

    In this post we explore both the details of the LockBit sample uncovered and the larger question of how real is the risk of ransomware on macOS endpoints.

  • 5G Security

    Security is a wide topic and has different angles to it, for example, ITU-T has defined eight security dimensions shown in the table below. While these are important factors, this blog focuses more on the 5G network security measures and attempts to bring how to utilize data regardless of regulation and tight security in the summary section.

  • New features in the field of Targeted Attack Protection

    With the introduction of 4 new features in the field of Targeted Attack Protection, Proofpoint is even better prepared for malicious content than ever before!

  • Tiny but unique Reverberation Chamber

    We present the small-sized reverberation chamber I60 from our partner Emite. An OTA (Over-the-Air) test chamber with a unique price-performance ratio and user friendly.

  • Utel Open RAN Monitoring: Troubleshooting 5G Fronthaul and multi-vendor solutions

    Open RAN networks are already becoming increasingly popular due to the range of advantages they deliver, but the transition to Open RAN is not straightforward.

  • Telecom Industry’s Highest Performing TWAMP Reflector for End-to-End 5G Performance Management

    The TWAMP protocol was around for a while and has become the de facto standard for measuring end-to-end performance in mobile and fixed networks. Two-way active measurements are essential for detailed visibility of end-to-end performance in 5G networks.

  • The most advanced Reverberation Chamber on the market

    The E-Series can perform single measurements, batch tests, protocols or campaign tests for different frequency bands, different technologies and different channel models, operating overnight without human intervention.

  • Simplified Email Authentication through Hosted SPF and DKIM Services

    Email authentication is a critical measure to help prevent threat actors from sending email under the pretense of being from your organization. This tactic is referred to as domain spoofing and, if left unprotected, allows cyber criminals to weaponize your sending domains for malicious cyber attacks. 

  • New fraud detection dashboard Utel

    Check out this short video snippet of the new fraud detection dashboard from our partner Utel! They have been hard at work on some nice front-end bells and whistles lately, as they are getting closer to launching this new tool full-scale.

  • Chatbot Phishing Emails: What You Need to Know 

    You may have heard about a new chatbot technology, ChatGPT, that uses recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to create human-like conversations. As ChatGPT is free and available for widespread use, cybersecurity experts are looking at the risks of ChatGPT-generated phishing emails. 

  • Get Confidence on the 5G Network Quality

    Seeking better confidence in the mobile network quality? Read how the world’s most advanced 5G service providers did it in this customer case.

  • Proofpoint Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Illusive

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., December 12, 2022 – Proofpoint Inc., a leading cybersecurity and compliance company, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Illusive, a leader and pioneer in Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR)​. The acquisition is expected to close by January 2023, subject to customary closing conditions. With this acquisition, Proofpoint [...]

  • 5 Cyber Scams to Watch Out for This Holiday Season

    As inboxes flood with messages about markdowns galore, opportunistic cyber criminals use this time to step up their holiday scams. This blog covers why seasonal retail is under attack by cyber criminals and what businesses and shoppers can do to keep up their cyber defenses.

  • The Humble Packet – Powerful Content for Threat Detection and Response

    Deep packet inspection (DPI) provides the sum of all knowledge from the network. Although deriving meaningful insights from packets is difficult, those insights help companies create an indelible line of defense for the network.

  • Proofpoint Recognized in 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention

    In today’s world, your DLP solution must provide visibility across multiple channels of data loss—but not require multiple teams to manage it. It must scale with your company’s information protection needs while protecting data without interruption. And since data doesn’t lose itself, your DLP solution must be people-centric, providing insight into user behavior.

  • Rise in Identity-Based Attacks Drives Demand for a New Security Approach

    The frequency of ransomware attacks has doubled over the last couple of years, accounting for 10% of all breaches. The ‘human element’ is the primary means of initial access in 82% of breaches.

  • How to stay safe online this holiday season

    Cybercriminals always follow the money, and as online shopping ramps up, it’s vital that you protect yourself and your data from becoming compromised. Click through for tips from our partner Proofpoint on how to stay safe online this holiday season.

  • Benefits of Packet-Level Data

    This Omdia survey looks at how both network and security teams use packet-based data; those managing networks are often focused on reliability and performance; those in security teams are looking for how best to apply controls to manage risk, how to know when attacks occur, and what actions to take in mitigation.

  • Deep Packet Inspection Technology

    Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is an advanced method of examining and managing network traffic. The inspection allows software/hardware to access, analyse and modify payload (data) portions of network packets.

  • Base Station OTA overnight testing in Anechoic Chamber using MIMO Analyzer GUI Software

    Watch this video showing how to measure Base Station OTA Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as Radiated Transmit Power (RTP), Base Station Output Power (BSOP) and Transmitter Spurious Emissions (TSE).

  • On the Board of Directors? Beware of These Six Common Cyber Security Myths

    In this blog we cut through the clutter and cover the basics of cyber risk management for directors by dispelling six common cybersecurity myths.

  • Introducing Network Compliance as a Service

    Can you easily find and fix issues that impact the stability and security of your network? Instead of selling you a tool, we bundle our platform with implementation services and a proven methodology that simply delivers results.

  • New Digital Radio Testers Launch

    The Digital Radio Tester RWC2010C supports the DAB, DAB+, DMB, DRM30, DRM+, AM, FM and RDS system.

  • Informatiebescherming- Het perspectief van binnenuit

    Kijk hoe beslissers in Nederland het hoofd bieden aan CyberSecurity-risico's van binnenuit. Download het rapport aan en ontdek de beste manieren om uw gegevens te beschermen.

  • Considering the impact of IoT on your network traffic

    What’s likely to be the impact of IoT on network traffic and what do you need to be aware of as you take it into account?

  • Network Tapping of 2G through 5G Standalone telecom networks 2022

    This white paper provides an overview of physical and virtual network tapping and network packet broker network visibility solutions, their role in telecom networks and how they have evolved from 2G through to 5G Stand Alone network environments.

  • 5G Security Suite

    The Valid8 Security Test Suites are suitable for auditing security of 5G network nodes including UE, gNodeB, AMF, SMF, UPF, according to standards including NESAS, 3GPP.

  • A Crash Course on Security Analytics — And How to Spot Fake UEBA From a Mile Away

    CISOs interested in having a better understanding of security analytics, such as Machine Learning (ML) or User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), have limited — or shall we say poor — sources of information.

  • Email Rapid Risk Assessment

    With a free Proofpoint Email Rapid Risk Assessment, you get a comprehensive view of your risk posture across your email infrastructure. We give you the controls you need to protect your organization from the evolving threat landscape, including ransomware, credential phishing and email fraud.

  • Blog – Complex SLA’s Require Proper Monitoring

    PULScore SLA Dashboard Due to evolving networks and the increased complexity of the networks caused by the introduction of virtualization, cloud computing, 5G distributed architectures and the like, the outages in the networks are increasing.

  • Blog – What is Service Based Architecture for 5G System

    A 5G System (5GS) consists of User Equipment (UE), 5G Base station (gNB), 5G and a 5G Core Network (5GC). In 5GS architecture, the 5GC is located at heart and enables the 5G RAN to support 3GPP defined three use cases.

  • Blog – The CISO’s Response Plan After a Breach

    There’s no escaping the fact that post-breach leadership is a part of every security team member’s job. Spearheading post-breach action and recovery is the ultimate test of a security leader’s skills, confidence, and mettle.

  • Blog by Creanord – A Successful Journey to 4G/5G-based Mission-Critical Mobile Broadband

    Migration of mission critical broadband networks is long overdue. TETRA networks have served the critical communication community well, but they no longer support today’s demands for high capacity broadband services.

  • Utel Voice Recording and Playback: A proven solution for SIP/RTP networks & customer care

    Delivering consistent Quality of Experience (QoE) for VoIP and VoLTE customers in packet-switched networks is a challenge for many operators. If Quality of Service (QoS) is not delivered consistently for voice calls, poor QoE can result.

  • Blog – Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Active Directory

    Active Directory (AD) is a high-value target for attackers, who frequently attempt to compromise it to escalate their privileges and expand their access. Unfortunately, its operational necessity means that AD must be easily accessible to users throughout the enterprise

  • NETSCOUT’s Omnis Security Platform

    Proactively block threats before they become attacks. The only cybersecurity platform that provides end-through-end visibility at lightning speed.

  • Introducing the RF shielding enclosure

    Introducing the RF shielding enclosure from our partner RedwoodComm that guarantees 100 dB isolation over a wide range of frequency bands, up to 6.5GHz.

  • Joint Emite and Anritsu solution adds 6 GHz band to test latest Wi-Fi 6E devices

    EMITE and Anritsu Corporation have added the 6 GHz band to their newly integrated testing system, allowing testing to the new IEEE 802.11ax WLAN standard. The new band adds to the already available 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

  • New highly portable and affordable LoRa tester

    An RWC5021P from our partner RedwoodComm will let you check the function of your LoRaWAN devices no matter where you are, without taking up a lot of room on your desk.