An RWC5021P from our partner RedwoodComm will let you check the function of your LoRaWAN devices no matter where you are, without taking up a lot of room on your desk.

As a member of the RWC5020x family, the RWC5021P is also compatible with the RWC5020x PC application software to provide the LoRaWAN pre-certification test and the Link Analyzer to RWC5021P users.

The LoRaWAN pre-certification test function helps verify end-devices’ compatibility with the LoRaWAN protocol, which is fully available for all regions. For LoRaWAN V1.0.2, there are 5 regional options: EU863-870, US 902-928, AS923, KR920-923, and IN865-867. For LoRaWAN V1.0.4, more regions are supported as follows: EU863-870, US 902-928, AS923-1, AS923-2, AS923-3, AS923-4, KR920-923, IN865-867, AU915-928, RU864-870, and EU433.

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