Polaris 4G/5G Test Solutions

Software solutions based on 3GPP protocols for 4G and 5G technologies

Polaris Networks is a global solution provider for wireless technologies.

In recent years, they have sharpened their focus to develop a range of software products for 3GPP LTE networks. These products include Functional and Load Testers as well as Simulation tools for 4G/5G Access and Packet Core. Polaris also provides a carrier-grade Core Network solution for deployment in commercial and private LTE networks.

Polaris works with some of the leading players in the global telecommunication market and continues to contribute to the ecosystem by developing innovative solutions that will help create next generation wireless networks.

Manage your 4G/5G Networks in a cost effective way

The test solutions of Polaris are SW based testing tools that will load on a standard server. One of the area’s where Polaris can prove to be very valuable is in the first implementation phase of a Network. Some of the many Polaris solutions:

–       Emulate surrounding NW
–       Test the entities of EPC and provides a wrap around testing solution for LTE eNodeB.
–       Test the mandatory requirements of the Layer 2/3 protocols as well as the optional features.

Polaris Networks has defined the functional test cases for several 4G protocol stack components and network elements. Available functional test suits are eNb, MME, SGW , PGW simulators and functional testers.

The 5G NetTest Platform provides a comprehensive test solution for 5G Core Network and 5G NR base stations The 5G Test Product Suite comprises of:

  • Network Function (NF) Emulators for feature testing
  • Functionality Test Suites for protocol conformance testing
  • Load Tester for stress testing

If you have any questions about one of our solutions or about a product? Our specialists are happy to help.