Utel Building Blocks & APIs

Elevate your network integration and enhance your solutions 

Building Blocks & APIs

Discover a world of innovation with Utel’s Building Blocks and APIs – Elevate your network integration with seamless access to robust tools and network data. Enhance your solutions with Utel’s advanced suite of APIs.

Empowering Third-Party Integration

Explore the innovation journey with Utel Solutions, a suite that is crafted to strengthen telecom networks. With our Incident API you can experience advanced AI/ML anomaly detection, integrated into the Utel Fraud Detection system for incident management and proactive fraud detection. Part of Utel’s Quality Assurance solution is the Metrics API. This offers automated insights, streamlined KPI reporting, and scalable metrics for quality control.

Utel Capture incorporates the XDR RestAPI in network monitoring for immediate data access and the XDR Kafka API for efficient data streaming. Utel Probe, our standalone tool, ensures powerful capture capabilities and rapid deployment. Enhance network analysis with the Utel Protocol Decoder, converting PCAP files into fully decoded messages, and with the Utel Monitor, a Windows-based protocol analyzer, for reliable, real-time analysis.


Incident API

Strengthen your telecom security by integrating our Incident API with the advanced AI/ML anomaly detection engine within the Utel Fraud Detection solution. Embrace proactive fraud detection through smart automation and continuous learning. Elevate your telecom resilience – integrate the Incident API into your system infrastructure today for a revolutionary approach to incident management and fraud detection.

Metrics API

Integrated with our advanced Utel Quality Assurance solution, our Metrics API ensures accurate and effortless KPI reporting. Experience automated insights, empowering your team to focus on strategic quality improvements. Scale your reporting capabilities effortlessly, providing insightful and consistent KPI metrics. Elevate your quality assurance strategy today – integrate our Metrics API for proactive, streamlined quality enhancements.


Integrated seamlessly into our Utel Capture solution, the XDR RestAPI ensures instant data access, while the XDR Kafka API provides efficient and scalable data streaming for comprehensive insights. Optimize your network monitoring with real-time streamlined data streaming and accessibility. Elevate your strategy by integrating the XDR RestAPI and Kafka API today for a dynamic and proactive approach to network security.

Building Blocks

Capture Device

Utel Probe stands as an independent, cutting-edge capture solution, delivering a flow of XDRs, tailored for integration into your existing system infrastructure, optionally accompanied by signaling data. Engineered for effortless configuration and swift deployment, Utel Probe ensures a prompt and efficient setup, empowering you with a scalable and robust solution.

Protocol Decoder

With Utel Protocol Decoder, you unlock the power of seamless protocol decoding, your go-to Linux command-line tool. Effortlessly transform PCAP files into fully decoded protocol messages in JSON format. Streamline your operations and elevate your network analysis capabilities with Utel Protocol Decoder – where decoding complexity meets simplicity.

Protocol Analyzer

The ultimate protocol analyzer for Windows-based computers is Utel Monitor. Whether you’re seeking real-time monitoring and analysis using your local NIC or offline PCAP file analysis featuring cutting-edge SS7, 2G/3G/4G/5G and Open RAN signaling, Utel Monitor has you covered. Experience efficiency, precision, and reliability in network analysis.

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