Subtonomy Telecom Lawful Intercept

We redefine Secure Data Retention and Geolocation Services



Forget everything you think you know about complying with lawful requests for interception data retention and geolocation requests.

We help telecom companies automate, secure, and expedite your responses to lawful mass geolocation, emergency call locations, and criminal investigation requests. While remaining fully compliant.

Search results within
30 sec

Lightning-fast individual search results, ready to be sent tot the requester immediately.

360° view in one consolidated system

Streamlined workflow in ONE consolidated system. Get a 360° view of a subscriber, site or cell.

Automated & accurate results

Data is collected from all subsystems and analyzed to reduce human error.

Secure remote SAR team access

Provide 24/7 secure access to SAR teams. Accessible even from remote locations.

Subtonomy REX – a simpler, more efficient way of responding to requests

REX is designed to directly address the challenges with timely and accurate data retrieval. The often fragmented data is collected from numerous systems and pre-analyzed in one easy-to-use tool, saving time, reducing costs and minimizing the risk of human error.

REX – rapid search results within 30 seconds displayed in one single 360° view

REX speeds up search results by automatically collecting and pre-processing data in one system. This means that individual results are available within 30 seconds and can be sent to the requester with the click of a button. Authorities can even search directly – provided they have the required authorization.

REX transforms complex data visualization into a seamless and easy-to-use experience with an intuitive user interface for dynamic interactions and provides comprehensive export-ready reports in Excel, CSV or XML formats. Whether you want to view location information in detailed table-style reports or prefer the vivid clarity of a map view, REX delivers with precision. Built on standardized formats such as ETSI TS102 657 and adaptable to national standards, REX ensures compliance and compatibility.

How REX addresses key challenges

Emergency call location

Location data information can be presented in a table view, map view or in exportable formats. Maps are adaptable to improve the topography in rural locations.

Passive data location

Location updates are sent periodically or, if the phone is idle, when the user changes location. This is also accomplished by monitoring passive data sessions (such as app push notifications).

REX Case Management

This service provides additional features that improve search management and security, including support for order fulfillment, integration with billing systems, generation of reference numbers, etc.

REX Token based access

This service enhances self-service security by granting access to only the specific data needed for authorized searches. Searches can be limited to a subset of subscribers or cell towers, or time-limited.

Transform the way you respond to lawful requests

Discover how REX’s consolidated and automated approach can transform your response to lawful requests. REX ensures you are both efficient and compliant, allowing you to respond faster while simultaneously reducing risk of human errors.

  • Search results within 30 seconds
  • Instant delivery to requester
  • Streamlined workflow in ONE consolidated system
  • Accurate results
  • Secure remote access for SAR teams

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