Utel Network Monitoring System

Enabling consistent, superior network quality and first-class customer experience

Utel Capture

Unlock the power of real-time network analysis with our Network Monitoring System (NMS), a cutting-edge solution that is designed to elevate the telecom operator experience. Our platform ensures consistent, superior network quality, delivering a first-class customer experience by presenting comprehensive information across fixed, mobile, and VoIP domains.

Rapid Network Insight and Seamless Network Monitoring

Utel Capture provides real-time network analysis and insights to telecoms operators, enabling consistent, superior network quality and first-class customer experience by presenting information about network traffic, across fixed, mobile and VoIP domains.

The collected data is processed and presented for analysis and deep level decode. Utel Capture scales with a simple licensing model, growing to meet your changing needs as you rollout new services and technologies. Identify issues, understand call flows and ensure consistent performance.

Utel Capture enables you to detect and resolve network and performance issues before they impact the end customer. Explore call traces and XDRs for offline and real-time protocol monitoring, decoding and analysis.

Key Features

Real-time Monitoring and Decoding

Supports real-time and offline protocol monitoring, analysis and decoding. Enables real-time and historical analysis over the full lifecycle of network events.

Data Exploration and Correlation

A complete environment for exploring network data and taking action. Backed by a comprehensive data repository. Intuitive user interfaces accelerate ROI.

Hisotrical XDR Search

Correlate signalling messages related to historical calls and transactions into Call Detail Records (CDR/XDR) throughout the lifecycle of the network event.

Call Trace and Message Flow Diagrams

Search historical XDRs and present the details in ladder diagrams. Drill-down into fully decoded protocol signalling messages.

Filter, Sort and Categorise

Advanced filtering provide easy access to relevant information, with clear visualization and export options to provide comprehensive network insights.

Covering All Network Domains

Collect and store data from billions events every day, with a virtualized monitoring solution to provide full support for all protocol stacks.

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