Did you know that Wangiri is a Japanese term meaning “one ring and cut” and is one of the most serious telecom fraud types scamming millions of people each year? Check out how Utel is using machine learning to help combat these criminals.

In a Wangiri scam, the fraudsters typically use an automated system to make thousands of calls to random phone numbers, often from international numbers, and then hang up after just one or two rings. The idea is to entice the recipient to call back the missed call, unaware that they are dialing an expensive premium rate number, owned by the scammers.

Wangiri scams can be financially devastating for victims, resulting in unexpected charges on their phone bills. These scams have become so widespread that many telecom companies and regulatory authorities around the world have issued warnings about them.

Our Ai will work day and night to protect you, but as a general advice we encourage you to think twice before calling back unrecognized numbers!

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