SentinelOne Ranger®
Network Visibility & Control

A cloud delivered, software-defined network discovery solution
designed to add global network visibility and control with minimal friction.

What’s on your network?

Ranger® extends Sentinel agent function by reporting what it sees on networks and enables blocking of unauthorized devices.

Easy Implementation

  • No new software required. Ranger is part of the SentinelOne agent code base.
  • No network changes required. No network SPAN or TAP ports.
  • Build a policy and toggle it on. Admins can specify a different policy for each network and subnet if necessary.
  • Policies provide control over scan intervals, as well as what should be scanned and what should never be scanned.
  • Choose between auto-enabled scanning or require explicit permission if more control over the environment is needed.

Unparalleled Visibility

  • Ranger is network efficient by intelligently choosing a few Sentinel agents per subnet to participate in network mapping missions.
  • Selected “Rangers” passively listen for network broadcast data, including ARP, DHCP, and other network observations.
  • Admins may customise active scan policies and specify multiple IP protocols for learning, including ICMP, SNMP, UDP, TCP, SMB, and more.
  • Rangers correlate all learned information within the back-end to fingerprint known and unknown devices.
  • Ranger reveals vital information about IP-enabled devices and produces inventories in your region or the globe in seconds.

Granular Control

  • Ranger device inventories reveal what is connected where and the protocols these devices listen on.
  • Get easy access to known device information via data collected by Rangers.
  • Find and close Sentinel agent deployment gaps with Ranger Deploy, a peer-to-peer deployment feature.
  • Via Deep Visibility ActiveEDR® you monitor how unknown devices communicate with managed hosts.
  • Isolate suspicious devices from managed devices with a click.

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