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LTE Core Network Diameter Test Equipment.

Are you sure it will survive the storm to come when new subscribers are lined up to adopt a new handset? Scaling up an LTE core network has been a challenge for operators, in particular the Diameter signaling load generated by user management, dynamic policy, and charging. The Policy Controller and Diameter Router have the difficult task of maintaining state of the subscribers. What happens when several million new LTE handsets come online? What happens when you introduce VoLTE handsets? Will your Policy Controller, Diameter Routers and Charging systems keep up? Have you determined your network's bottlenecks and limits? 

dsTest™ has simplified testing of the Diameter core signaling network. With one command, you can increase the rate at which subscribers connect to the HSS, PCRF, OCS and OFCS. A second configuration allows you to increase or decrease the percentage of subscribers that place a VoLTE call. All transactions are stateful and correlated to a range of subscribers you configure. 

Isolate individual nodes or test them as a system. The tool allows you to explore the performance boundaries of all of your core network nodes. You will have confidence that the network you are building supports the traffic conditions you expect.

dsTest™ is the answer to all of your Diameter test requirements.