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Tucana Monitoring Solutions

Tucana Monitoring Solutions

Real Time Monitoring Solution

Tucana Monitoring

Tucana Real Time Monitoring is a passive probe system that extracts information from the control plane and user plane in telecom networks. Control-plane signaling is available in real time, and is stored for historical retrieval. In addition, the MediaProbe aggregates user-data information, while the KPIs and KQIs are stored for reporting and analysis.

Business value

The Real Time Monitoring system (RTMS) is used for monitoring, troubleshooting, alarming and xDR generation. The system supports fixed, mobile and IMS/VoIP as well as mobile and fixed-data networks, from SS7 to LTE – all in one system.
It includes a set of applications that are used to view and analyze the network data. These include the sophisticated correlation capabilities of Protocol Analyzer and Call Trace to provide an end-to-end, network-wide view of calls and data transactions. The Network Status and Statistical Alarms applications provide powerful alarming capabilities and allow integration to third-party systems through SNMP traps. The Mass Call, Performance Analyzer and Real-Time Statistics applications provide fast and accurate error detection, allowing the operator to quickly detect and resolve network problems or poor performance before customers are affected.

The Real Time Monitoring System is the foundation for all feature solutions.

By linking the Business Intelligence and KPI visualization with RMTS, Tucana offers a complete package to support the solutions described in Customer Assurance, Network & Service Assurance, and Roaming Assurance.


• Is an extremely robust solution with a very small footprint
• Offers intuitive, easy-to-use applications with context-sensitive help function
• Offers unique scaling possibilities due to its modular design
• Is built using Java, MySQL, and Linux with state-of-the-art hardware and open architectures, standards and interfaces
• Is highly flexible, with extremely fast installation and acceptance cycles as well as regular implementation of new features
• Requires minimum investments while offering high cost-efficiency, rapid ROI and a very competitive total cost of ownership


• All protocols and network technologies in one single system
• Handling of both control plane and user plane on various interfaces (including E1/T1, STM-1, ATM, Gigabit, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet)
• Generation of real-time alarms for quick detection and resolution of network problems or poor performance before customers are affected
• Real-time generation of raw or mediated xDRs for northbound partner integration
• Intuitive drill-down functionality for root-cause analyzis