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Mastering the essentials of network automation

Mastering the essentials of network automation

Mastering the essentials of network automation

With the latest developments in Network Virtualization, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), 'network automation' is high on the agenda of (Managed) Service Providers and Enterprises.
There is a lot to catch up on in terms of reducing the amount of manual activities, the number of outages, the time to market, the TCO for running and maintaining networks and reducing the dependencies of networking vendors.

The challenge however is that due to all the different approaches and initiatives by vendors, taskforces and foundations, customers loose track of the essentials of network automation and how easy it is to start implementing, irrespective of the choices that are offered by networking vendors. Even for traditional networking technologies.

The essentials of network automation...

If you look at the basics of networking, there are a few essential concepts that
are relevant for successful automation. Let's start with the design rules and conventions that come from the network architecture. Standardization in this area  forms the foundation for automation capabilities. Second is to understand all relationships that come from the design such as topology-? and service awareness. These can be created through modeling. The key is then to create an abstract view of the network with all parameters involved, such as IP-, VLAN-, port- and technology specific data. These can be integrated with flexible templates that will generate vendor specific (partial) configurations. In this way change management and automation can be mastered in a vendor agnostic way based on an abstract and explicit view of your network. Finally, with the right delegation and authorization controls, jobs can be scheduled and executed in a controlled way enabling full automation and orchestration.

...put to practice

The people behind NetYCE have a long history in helping customers to implement network management and -automation based on these essentials.
As of 2001 these got translated into the YCE platform (Your Configuration Engine). With its unique capability to model architectures, services, roles and processes, YCE creates an abstract representation of your network in the YCE database.

This abstract network is fully vendor agnostic and provides a complete and explicit understanding of all parameters relationships, dependencies and topologies. This is extremely powerful for automations and migrations, irrespective of the network vendor or ?technology. By combining the abstract network with YCE' smart templates, vendor specific configurations are generated. These can be pushed to the network using self ?defined scenarios. This provides full change control for all operational changes during the life cycle of your network.


The YCE platform is ideally positioned as the umbrella platform for change management, automation and orchestration across traditional?and SDN?, NFV or virtualized networks. Customers can choose whether to automate traditional  networks with 'SDN like functionality' or orchestrate processes across different technologies, making YCE an ideal solution for different implementation strategies.


  • Top down, design driven approach to network automation ?
  • Multi Vendor, ? Domain, ? Tenant & ?Technology support
  • ?Abstraction of networks & services allowing vendor agnostic automation, migrations & orchestration ?
  • Open system: model and build your own designs, services, rules, templates, scenario's and automation
  • Translation of detailed design documentation and Visio drawings into abstract models ?
  • Enforcement of models, designs, standards, building blocks and blueprints throughout operational change processes and life cycle
  • Process control between different roles (architect, designer, engineer, operator) ?
  • Full transparency for engineers and operators ?
  • Network communication via CLI, NETCONF/YANG, Vendor API & SDN controllers
  • Integration with other NMS systems (DNS, DHCP, IPAM, CMDB, OSS/BSS)
  • Flexibility & Scalability

Please contact us for more information about mastering the essentials of network automation and NetYCE.