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Creanord Creanode 3000

Creanord Creanode 3000

CreaNode 3000 - Ultra-Performance Network Measurement Probe

Get full network visibility without any extra hardware with the Creanord CreaNODE 3000. One CreaNODE 3000 can empower monitoring over 10 000 concurrent test targets with no compromise in timestamping accuracy, it scales to your needs while reducing operational costs to a minimum.

Optimized for scalability, design for Carriers and Service Providers

The CreaNODE 3000 probe is delivered as a 1U chassis. High performance is enabled by an architecture designed for carrier class deployments with a powerful Quad-Core processor and ample RAM memory. Front to rear cooling helps ensure reliability is up to par. Creanord's relentless focus on enabling performance monitoring and SLA reporting at lowest TCO have resulted in this highly optimized product.

  • Highly accurate and ultra-powerful, scaling beyond 10 000 targets without compromise.
  • Optimized architecture for remarkable performance with hardware timestamping precision.
  • Attractive cost-benefit ratio removing operational barriers to minimize TCO.

Absolute Network Visibility

The key to service visibility is accessing appropriate information fast and in context and getting relevant periodic reports in a form that makes sense. This ensures that all stakeholders get the information the need. Thanks to the cost efficiency and versatility of the CreaNODE 3000, you can extract performance and health data from almost any installed equipment, and with the help of EchoVault you get real time service reporting in easy to understand views as well as drill down for more technical staff.  Monthly summary reporting related to targets provides a clear overview relating to Service Level Objectives.


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