Advanced Broadcast Components

Advanced Broadcast Components Ltd.

designs and manufactures RF-, and MPEG-baseband measurement modules and systems.

The 4T2TM-Portable test set, first released in 2001, is used as a reference by broadcast companies around the world.

The latest 2012 model features multi-channel RF-coverage, hybrid software demodulation for 8VSB and COFDM DVB-T/-T2, and Multi-Viewer of all services in the transport stream with MPEG-2/4 content decoding (attractive upgrades are available for all older models - call us for details).

The 4T2TM-Rack available as demodulator or receiver version, allows cost effective remote monitoring of ATSC, or DVB-T/T2 transmitter systems.

 The XTASI-modules with the 4T2TM Content-Analyser are the key components of robust and portable measurement systems based on laptop-, or tablet computers.