H5 Vision: network visibility technology

Taking advantage of 20 years experience running network audits on the enterprise market H5 audits designed an innovative technology to enable enterprises, service providers and governments to enhance their global network application visibility. With H5 appliance, corporations can deploy comprehensive and easy to use software and appliance architecture that allows the various IT teams to see understand and share clear and comprehensive information's on how applications behave on the enterprise network. The solution introduced with H5 appliance provides a powerful network visibility solution not only for the network operations center but also for network managers building the network and planning the growth and the changes and for the helpdesk sporting the users on a daily basis.

H5 appliance: network visibility made safe, easy and cost effective.

The H5 appliance can be deployed in minutes; it is installed on a port mirroring interface or a tap and do not require any network change or interruption. Inspecting the traffic in real-time the H5 appliance requires neither complex configuration nor architecture design; it delivers the first reports and network application data immediately after power on.