Polaris Networks is a technology leader in software test tool development. The Polaris test tools for Telecommunication equipment and RFID readers and middleware are widely used by organizations to check for compliance with protocol standards and for comprehensive QA.

Polaris Networks provides cost-effective and high-quality software engineering services in leading-edge Networking technologies, including the IEEE 802.11 (WiFi), 3GPP LTE , IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX), RFID (EPCglobal), Power Line Communication (HomePlug) and AdvancedTCA standards. Polaris strongly believes that its proven expertise and track record in networking protocols and embedded software engineering can help its clients bring products to market quicker and help them utilize their internal resources more efficiently.

A key objective of Polaris is to offer its services for continued product maintenance and enhancement and thus assist its customers throughout the life cycle of a product. Customers retain access to competent Polaris engineering resources at all times for meeting unique customer requirements beyond routine maintenance and enhancements.

In summary, Polaris acts as an extension of its clients' internal R&D teams and helps them retain focus on their own key competencies. Polaris is currently working with a number of companies in projects geared towards developing new applications and products.