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Autonomous Endpoint Protection

Autonomous Endpoint Protection


The value of SentinelOne - A brief history

SentinelOne was founded by a group of international defense and intelligence experts who saw the need for a dramatic new approach to endpoint protection. Today, our growing global team remains dedicated to constant innovation.

SentinelOne endpoint protection platform

The SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) offers organizations real-time, unified endpoint protection that unifies prevention, detection and response in one platform managed via a single console.

SentinelOne EPP leverages advanced machine learning and intelligent automation to protect Windows, OS X, and Linux-based endpoint devices from threats across all major vectors: advanced malware (file- and memory-based), exploits and stealthy script-based attacks. It closely monitors every process and thread on the system, down to the kernel level.

A view of systems-wide operations - system calls, network functions, I/O, registry, and more - as well as historical information, provides a full context view that distinguishes benign from malicious behavior. Once a malicious pattern is identified and scored, it triggers an immediate set of responses ending the attack before it begins.

What makes SentinelOn
e Endpoint Protection Platform the best choice?

SentinelOne is the only platform that defends every endpoint against every type of attack (executables, fileless, browser, scripts etc) at every stage in the threat lifecycle; pre-execution, on execution and post-execution. Certified as an AV replacement by AV-Test Institute.


The platform delivers:

Prevention — Reduce risk by blocking known and unknown malware before they breach endpoints.
Detection — Lightweight agent monitors all activity and applies machine learning to dynamically detect the most advanced attacks, including exploits, fileless, and sophisticated malware.
Remediation — Accelerate response by containing threats and reversing system and file modifications. The most robust mitigation and remediation functionality, with support for kill, quarantine, remove from network, and even rollback.
Forensics — 360-degree, real time view of attacks from inception to termination.
Single, Holistic Agent
— Lightweight and high-performance. PC, Mac, Linux, VDI. We have you covered.
Deployment Options
— SentinelOne EPP provides customers the flexibility of cloud-based or on premise deployments.

Endpoint protection warranty

At SentinelOne, we stand behind our solution and with our customers. The $70+ billion cybersecurity market keeps growing—yet attackers still win too often. You can pay for defenses that may or may not deliver. Or you can get the assurance of security with the SentinelOne Ransomware Cyber Warranty. We offer up to $1 million in ransomware protection.

SentinelOne is offering customers a warranty to ensure that no ransomware attack will go undetected and cause irreparable damage.

SeninelOne guarantees your protection against Ransomware attacks up to $1,000 USD per compromised endpoint, and up to $1M per organization. * Conditions can be read in the datasheet.

SentinelOne EPP puts the industry’s most innovative prevention, detection, and response capabilities at your fingertips through a single management console that can be flexibly deployed either in the cloud or on premise. Effortlessly scale to protect user endpoints and servers across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.



SentinelOne EPP provides customers the flexibility of cloud-based or on-premise deployments. SentinelOne EPP Virtual Appliance enables customers to deploy, monitor and manage endpoint protection with an on-premise virtual appliance.


The SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) for VDI helps customers address the challenges face with traditional VDI security. The SentinelOne agent deploys in a VDI environment as a light-weight agent consuming minimal execution resources. Additionally, it does not require signature updates that increase

CPU, memory or I/O contention. The reduce resource requirements enables organizations to maximize VM density on their virtual infrastructure.



Desktop virtualization:

Also referred to as server-based VDI, desktop virtualization allows hosting a desktop operating system in a virtual machine on a centralized server. Examples of enterprise application virtualization software include Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft App-V, VMware Horizon and Systancia AppliDis.


Terminal Services:

A server-based computing and presentation virtualization component to access applications and data on

a remote computer over a network. Examples include Microsoft Windows RDP and Citrix XenApp.


Desktop as a Service (DaaS):

Remote desktop virtualization from SaaS Cloud computing. Examples of enterprise DaaS environments include VMware Horizon and Amazon WorkSpaces.

SentinelOne Deep Visibility the SentinelOne Endpoint Protection
Platform (EPP) to provide full visibility into endpoint data. Its patented kernel-based monitoring allows a near real-time search across endpoints for all indicators of compromise (IOC) to empower security teams to augment real-time threat detection capabilities with a powerful tool that enables threat hunting.

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