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Data and Context-driven CyberSecurity

Data and Context-driven CyberSecurity

Cyber security will only become more important as we progress. What if we could stop cyber attacks before they can harm you, your business or your clients?

DTACT focuses on data and context-driven security by working with hackers specialized in big data, machine learning and cyber security to do just that and more.


The core competences

  • Security (Offensive, Defensive and Intelligence)
  • Software to collect, analyse and train machine learning models
  • Applied Machine Learning and Big data
  • Managed services


 Threathunting products

  • HoneyTrap & HoneyHive;
    o   High-interaction honeypot to trap malicious hackers by slowing down and identifying them when
       they enter your system.

  • Raven Log & Raven Flow;
    o   Real-time anomaly detection and alert service that identifies unauthorized or anomalous behavior
       in traffic and log data.

  • DataScience Toolbox;
    o   Marija;Big data visualization and exploration tool that helps you find answers in an overload of
        information Threat Intelligence.

  • SpamTrap;
    o   Spam collection tool that identifies and raises the alarm on malware or phishing attempts.

  • odor Hodor;
    o   Webapplication FirewallWeb application firewall.

CyberBorg : Permanent Security

Most SMEs are insufficiently protected against cybercrime. Understandable, because do you have to be a
tax advisor, lawyer and IT expert next to entrepreneur? Yet nobody wants to be vulnerable to contamination
or data loss. With the CyberBorg automatic security scans you get insight to protect your website against
cyber criminals.

The benefits:

- Ready for the first security scan in seconds.
- Keep your website clean, safe and up-to-date.
- Guaranteed up-to-date according to the most recent legislation.
- Personal Dashboard with automatic email alerts.

Please contact us for more information about Cyber Security and DTACT.