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Data and Context-driven CyberSecurity

Data and Context-driven CyberSecurity

Better data intelligence through faster and simpler data analytics

DTACT solves data problems and operates at the important intersection of big data, AI, national security, cybersecurity and neuro-diversity. We aggregate, clean and enrich large volumes of data as they flow in; always with a purpose and on a mission to create a positive impact.

The market need for smart Big Data processing
strategies is currently hindered by the single
solution dream, the buy vs build dilemma and
the solution jungle.
Our agnostic solutions focus on providing an
ideal ecosystem where existing tools can be
easily integrated with what you already have,
and data can be consolidated to perform the
data analysis that gives you the insights when
you need them, and when they matter most.
We remove complexity and bring simplicity so
that you can focus on the important tasks -
acting on insights and risk mitigation.

    DTACT Raven is a powerful data streaming platform with a modular, brick framework


Use Cases

DTACT Raven is for any organisation that works with data

Move swiftly and proactively against cybercriminals. Easily aggregate andanalyse multiple sources of data to identify and automate notice and takedowns (NTDs) of phishing sites.

SOCs and SIEMs
Aggregate, clean and enrich your organisation’s data with DTACT Raven before sending it to your SIEM system and other storage tools.

Cloud Security Monitoring
Secure and optimise your business with DTACT SaaS Cloud Security Monitoring. Perfect for Start Ups and VC's. Want to monitor your AWS Cloud? Simple & fast? Automated Dashboards & Reports to visualise AWS Health. Optimise Performance and Resolve Issues Fast. Get Started Today. Built for Scale. Powerful Integrations. No Hardware Required. Fast Deployment. Multi-Cloud Ready. Executive Dashboards.


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