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Digital Radio Tester

Digital Radio Tester

The Digital Radio Tester supports the DAB, DAB+, DMB, DRM30, DRM+, AM, FM and RDS system. It provides very convenient working environment with full control over all system parameters. It supports various kinds of data services such as BWS, TPEG, EWS, EPG, SLS and more services will be added to adjust to changing markets. The tester has ETI and MDI file player function so that specific broadcasting station’s DAB/DRM signal could be regenerated in the LAB. It also supports AM/FM radio test functions with fully editable RDS test function.

In addition, it includes an RF up-converter, which supports
RF output in a range between -10dBm ~ -120dBm
(CW: 0dBm ~ -110dBm) with 0.1dB step adjustable and
Band LF, MF, HF, I, II, III frequency ranges, so it can
directly generate broadcasting signals to DUTs so
that systems can be easily aligned.

Key Features:

• Built-in Ensemble Multiplexer
• Easy and Flexible Ensemble Editing: 15 service components for DAB and 4 streams for DRM
• Support various kinds of data services such as BWS, TPEG and so on
• Reconfiguration, Announcement, TII, EWS, Time functional tests
• ETI, MDI and DRM IQ file player function with OFDM Modulator and RF up-converter
• Seamless Linking Test
• Two testers are connected by data cable and synchronized automatically

• Powerful Test functions: DAB-DAB, DAB-DRM, DAM-FM, DRM-FM
• Single Frequency Network (SFN) Test
• Two testers can transmit exactly synchronized DAB or DRM signal
• Adjustable Signal delay with 0.1us resolution

• Multi-Channel FM & RDS function
• Simultaneously up to 5 FM and RDS Radio signals can be generated

• Real-Time File Streaming function
• The contents stored in user PC can be transferred to the tester in real-time to broadcast
• Useful to test various kind of contents and huge file contents
• Supports various frequency BAND
• BAND I/ II/III (47MHz ~ 68MHz, 87MHz ~ 108MHz, 174MHz ~ 250MHz)

• LF/MF/HF BAND (0.15MHz ~ 30MHz)



Seamless Linking Test

 Multiple FM RDS Test


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