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LoRaWAN Tester

LoRaWAN Tester

RWC5020B & RWC5020M Tester for LoRa® / LoRaWAN®
The RWC5020x Tester
is a compact all-in-one tester, providing a perfect solution for test and measurement of LoRa® and LoRaWAN® technology, which is fully suitable for R&D, QC, and manufacturers.

It provides various test functions that can be performed in signaling mode, e.g. including activation procedures, as well as non-signaling mode. Automated PC software will help users test and debug their devices by performing pre-certification tests, as specified by LoRa Alliance®.


RWC5021P Tester for LoRa® / LoRaWAN
The RWC5021P is a compact dongle-type tester for LoRaWAN® protocol analysis for end devices, providing the pre-certification test function and link analyzer function that can be performed in signaling mode.
The RWC5020x PC application software provides the LoRaWAN pre-certification test function to verify compatibility with the LoRaWAN protocol, which is fully available for all regions.

FUOTA Test with user firmware binaries (B and M models only)

RWC2020A Interference Generator (B and M models only)

The RWC2020A is an interference generator being able to be used for the purpose of various tests or measurements, e.g. the Listen Before Talk (LBT) test, the Gateway Non-regression tests, the Intermodulation Immunity test and so on. It can generate up to eight multi-tone signals with different output levels per each tone for the LBT tests and two tones of up to 20MHz distant for the Intermodulation Immunity test. It can also generate a single tone with phase noise of high performance for the Gateway Non-regression tests. RWC2020A shall be connected to RWC5020A via RS-232C for control and setup of the full automation tests.

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Get information about a manufacturing test solution using the Lora Tester via this link.