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MIMO Measurements made simple

MIMO Measurements made simple


The EMITE-patented testing technology originated in the cuttlefish eye, a technology from nature, which instead of observing the amount of light, it observes the changes in the polarization of light. With an extension to the EU, the USA, Japan and South Korea, the EMITE patents have been granted the highest qualification rank. The W-shaped cuttlefish eye, when moved to a multiple-cavity reverberation chamber by EMITE, separates transmit from receive antennas and enhances the repeatability of results by including multiple sources at the lower cavity for each transmit signal into the upper cavity. The multiple-cavity design is enhanced by an additional cavity for equipment, cables and electronics. With the lower measuring cavity free of electronics, system accuracy also improves over conventional single-cavity designs. Multiple antenna sourcing, also known as source-stirring, is also patent-protected by EMITE. Multiple antennas act as transmit antennas in the upper cavities. Stirring is further enhanced with polarization stirring by using different polarization schemes in the transmit antennas, with platform stirring by a rotating platform where both the reference antenna and the antennas or devices under test are placed, and with frequency-stirring in passive mode by adding to the sample set for a specific frequency value those samples in neighborhood values in a manner which is user-specified. The result is the most-advanced most-accurate and fastest multiple-cavity mode-stirred source-stirred reverberation chamber in the market. A nice outfit design presents it to the customer. Finally, as in any other test equipment, the unit interacts with the user with a Front Panel, a Back Panel and a very intuitive and easy-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) software. An engineer can be trained within 1 day to fully use the EMITE Test Systems in their entire capabilities. Any auxiliary equipment needed for the test, including Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs), base station emulators (BSE or eNodeBs, gNB), channel emulators (CEs), Access Points (APs) or wireless STAtions (STAs) are fully-controlled by EMITE GUI Software, really making MIMO measurements simple for the end-user.

EMITE test systems can accommodate small devices (up to 8 smartphones) in the PT-Series, medium devices (smartphones, tablets, access points and notebooks) in the E-Series and large devices and front-ends (smartphones, tablets, access points, notebooks, monitors, trash compactors, frontal car parts, fridges, serving machines, etc.) in the F-Series.





H-Series - Small-size Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR)
Listed at PTCRB as 5G OTA test platform
mm-Wave 5G OTA testing
3 to 30/40/110 GHz

The H-Series CATR chamber provide complete 3D performance assessment for 5G OTA devices and antennas including gain, efficiency, directivity, polarization and beam characteristics for frequencies from 3 up to 110 GHz, capable of supporting forthcoming 5G Sub-6 GHz (from 3 to 6 GHz) and mmWave (24 to 110 GHz) standardized testing including TRP/TIS, EIRP, EIS, IBB and emissions in accordance to 3GPP TR38.810 and TR37.842. The nature of 5G Sub-6 GHz and mmWave frequencies makes OTA testing extremely sensitive to physical positioning and to phase and gain measurement accuracy, and for this reason aerospace-used technology has been incorporated into our H-Series chambers. With serrated reflectors providing unique 15µm peak-to-peak roughness in 30/60 cm quiet zone. High accuracy 0.03° positioners are included, with both roll over azimuth and roll over elevation. Undoubtedly, the H-Series is a best-in-its-type chamber, and the only one in the market capable of testing FR1 Sub-6 GHz and FR2 mmWave frequencies in a simultaneous manner.

EMITE 5G OTA testing with CATR Chambers main Features:

    · Compact design
    · State-of-the-art reflector and positioning equipment
    · IFF 3GPP-permitted test method
    · Non-signaling OTA
    · Efficiency, Gain, XPR, AR, radiation patterns measurements, EIRP, EIS; TRP, TIS, IBB
    · AC Frequencies up to 110GHz
    · AC AuTs/DuTs up to 60cm


I-Series - Small-size Reverberation Chamber
Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-Type-Communications (MTC), short-range communications and WLAN testing
690MHz to 6GHz

The I small-size Reverberation Chamber Series is an amber gem set of OTA test chambers. With smart-stirring, the I-Series chambers have the smallest footprint in the market and are intended for IoT (LTE-M, NB-IoT and EC-GSM-IoT), MTC (LoRa, Sigfox), short-range radio technologies (BT 1.0/2.0, BLE, ZigBee, Z-Wave) and WLAN 802.11abgnac (2.4 and 5 GHz bands) for small devices up to 15cm and 5kg. The I-Series chambers provide for fast and accurate TRP, TIS, downlink and uplink Maximum Coupling Loss (MCL) and Downlink and Uplink TCP/UDP MIMO TPUT tests for UEs, IoT modules, wearable devices, wireless stations (STAs) and Access Points (APs), also with user-selectable technology, band, channel (including DFS ones), bandwidth, antennas, rates (MCS) and other parameters in an individual manner for each test on a batch, which can then be run overnight in an unsupervised manner, something that only the Test Systems from EMITE can do.




PT-Series - Small-size Reverberation Chamber
Production 4-DUT parallel Testing of cellular and wireless technologies
SISO WLAN, 2G, 3G and 4G

The PT small-size Reverberation Chamber Series is a one-of-its-own OTA set of test chambers worldwide. With smart-stirring and capable of simultaneously testing up to 8 DUTs of up to 15cm and 5kg, the PT-Series is intended for Production OTA Testing in non-signaling mode, providing unheard-of ultra-fast test times with good accuracy and repeatability and the second smallest footprint on the market, only superseded by our I-Series. TxPower, RSSI and other non-signaling SISO and MIMO test figures of merit for all cellular and wireless technologies, including Main/Diversity/All antenna switching, can be performed in a wide variety of Operating Systems (Windows, Android, iOS, mac OS, Linux, UWP and Tizen). With user-selectable technology, band, channel, bandwidth, antennas, and other parameters in an individual manner for each test, a batch of tests can be run overnight in an unsupervised manner, something that only the Test Systems from EMITE can do. The PT-Series can also make use of an optional RF-I/O-filtered conveyor-belt for continuous testing of devices, providing an unheard-of and unique test capability for production lines.


E-Series - Medium-size Reverberation Chamber
Passive, Active and Time-Domain MIMO OTA Testing
690 MHz to 6 GHz

 The E medium-size multicavity Reverberation Chamber Series represents that state-of-the-art in reverberation chamber technology. The E-Series can make single measurements, batch tests, protocols or campaign tests for different frequency bands, different technologies and different channel models, running overnight without human intervention. Embedded frequency-, mode-, source- and platform-stirring in a double-shielded set of cavities allow Passive MIMO (Efficiency, Correlation, Diversity Gain, MIMO Capacity and others), Active MIMO OTA (TRP, TIS, TPUT, MTS, CQI, M2TxDT, RSRP, MCL and others) and Time-Domain MIMO (DL/UL TCP/UDP TPUT, RMS DS, STD, PL, CBW, Mute%, eNodeB, VDT-OTA) measurements up to 8x8 and 8DLCC to be performed for antennas and devices up to 50cm and 50kg ranging from 2G to 4G, covering all available cellular and wireless technologies to date, including wearables devices, sound acoustic mute, WLAN and W-IoT testing. There is no RC in the market more advanced than the E-Series.







F-Series - Large-size Hybrid Reverberation / Anechoic Chamber
MIMO OTA, WIoT, MTC, WLAN, VDT OTA, FF, SNF, eNodeB, EMC, weareables, pre-5G 
200 MHz to 40 GHz 

The F large-size hybrid Reverberation/Anechoic Chamber represents the most versatile OTA test system in the market today. With the same unique test features of their E Series RC counterparts, the F-Series can also test large form-factor devices under test (DUTs) like laptops, large TV sets, solar and trash compactors, drones, fridges or washing and vending machines, among others. With up to 16x16, 8DLCC and DUTs up to 2m and 500 kg including full-body phantoms in a turntable, the F Series also expands the frequency range down to cover 200 MHz up to 40 GHz frequency ranges and the test modes to include EMC, BS, small cell, eNodeB and Virtual Drive Testing over the air (VDT-OTA). In an again unheard-of feature, the F-Series is also reverse-convertible into an Anechoic chamber, allowing Far Field (FF) and Spherical Near Field (SNF) radiation patterns, efficiency and gain measurements and pre-5G testing of antennas and devices. Conversion from RC to AC or vice versa can be performed within half a day.

EMITE provides worldwide-unique testing features

There are many unique technical advantages of EMITE test systems our customers make use of and that cannot be found in competitors. The close proximity to market needs and our constant search for customer satisfaction, along with our view to provide a simple solution out of a complex test tool with a view on what customers need has made us developed very interesting features.

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