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Network Analysis

Network Analysis

Network & Business Analytics, Fraud Reporting, Voice Quality Analysis, Protocol Analysis



Performance Analyzer
The Control Center in Network Analysis.
 From here you may generate KPI statistics reports – in real-time or historical – from a user-friendly web-based environment. The power of the STINGA technology lets you see millions of events as it happens. The interface can be easily set up according to who uses it so that different usergroups can get the most meaningful information – such as engineers, account managers, destination managers, OMC or NOC.


Allows you to search for individual calls and transactions and analyze signaling message details. It is a fast and flexible tool for analyzing and a great way to do error tracking. Historical searches are based on data stored in an XDR repository and search results are presented in web-based XDR reports. Here you can perform drill-down analysis down to related protocol signaling messages.




STINGA Protocol Analyzer
Suitable for real-time and off-line protocol monitoring, decoding and analysis. Advanced filtering, call trace and message flow diagrams are available for efficient network troubleshooting and error tracking. Protocol stacks within mobile, IP, TDM and converged networks are supported.



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