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Network Assurance Probes

Network Assurance Probes

Creanord  Probes Initiators, Responders & Collectors

Most Powerful, Accurate and Versatile NFV Probe:

·         100G TCP test with 4 Million Connections, exploiting Intel DPDK
·         Probe scalability up to 10 000 simultaneous TWAMP targets, 40 000…100 000 pps
·         Hardware timestamping (µsec accurete) possible also on vProbes, with Intel VT-d
·         Field proven with real vGi-LAN ETSI PoC #39 and at dozens of Service Provider customers
·         Standard & enhanced L2/L3 and L4-7 measurements
·         From large core vProbe to small footprint version for vCPE, all easy to spin up

As networks are virtualized and new technologies such as 5G enable new more demanding applications new requirements are set on service assurance. On-demand services change the key characteristics and needs of networks.

5G Use Cases:


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