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Network Assurance Probes

Network Assurance Probes

Creanord  Probes Initiators, Responders & Collectors

Most Powerful, Accurate and Versatile NFV Probe:

·         100G TCP test with 4 Million Connections, exploiting Intel DPDK
·         Probe scalability up to 10 000 simultaneous TWAMP targets, 40 000…100 000 pps
·         Hardware timestamping (µsec accurete) possible also on vProbes, with Intel VT-d
·         Field proven with real vGi-LAN ETSI PoC #39 and at dozens of Service Provider customers
·         Standard & enhanced L2/L3 and L4-7 measurements
·         From large core vProbe to small footprint version for vCPE, all easy to spin up


5G Service Assurance:

Satisfy the demand for visibility with scalable, high accuracy and AI-powered analytics and reporting

5G Use Cases:



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