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SLA Reporting Tools

SLA Reporting Tools


PULScore provides service assurance, analytics calculations, troubleshooting tools, reporting, and versatile interfaces for multi-vendor networks. It is a modular management system bringing a wide range of built-in and optional performance assurance and SLA reporting functionalities.

•    Carrier-Grade Scalable Network Performance Monitoring and SLA Management System
•    Runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Oracle Linux. Virtualization such as KVM, VMWare, XEN and Oracle VM are used for improved availability, flexibility and performance of your data center resources
•    Flexible and fast integration to OSS/BSS and SDN systems using RESTful APIs for events, KPIs and provisioning and/or KAFKA streaming data API
•    PULScore supports easy-to-use tools to speed up the integration process. Additionally, quality threshold violations can be sent to the OSS/BSS or SDN systems in milliseconds to enable self-healing network capabilities.
•    Interactive Customer Portal for Performance & SLA reporting
•    Real-time and monthly service level target reporting
•    Birth Certificates and Provider Branded reporting
•    Event management with proactive SLT warning
•    Performance Dashboards, Drill-downs, Modular Add-Ons
•    Performance Orchestration, Map visualization


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