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SLA Reporting Tools

SLA Reporting Tools

True SLA™ Management and Performance Assurance system

Reduce churn and keep the costs low with the Creanord EchoVault. Creanord EchoVault provides state-of-the-art reports and helps focusing on the essential. 

Control and report on the full range of your services. One single database with all relevant service assurance data in one system allows simpler alerting and cross-correlation.

  • Real-time latency and loss with performance against monthly SLA targets
  • Fast troubleshooting with contextual intelligence
  • Bandwidth and network element health reporting
  • Monthly service summary/compliance report
  • Customer portal for best-in-class provider-branded service performance and SLA reporting.

Managed performance

The combination of EchoVault Service reporting with the ability to manage performance for a broad range of devices provides the most advanced ready solution for predictive monitoring, attractive service visualization and SLA compliance reporting. Not only does it help you reduce churn, you become more relevant to your customers, while at the same time keeping costs in check. Plus, it is easy to use.



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