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Track, Pursue and neutralize threats

Track, Pursue and neutralize threats

Symantec's integrated products offer unparalleled protection and insight to reduce risk and lower costs across your entire organization.

Why Symantec
Many companies operate under false assumptions when it comes to the maturity of their security operations centers (SOCs). It takes a robust cyber defense to manage new and emerging threats in the changing landscape of IoT, social, and mobile.

Lean what is required to take your security organization to the next level. With the broad portfolio of Tucana and Symantec we can protect your whole network. See the picture below for a visualization of the protection solutions we have.


While information security is critical across all industries, differences in attack vectors, regulations, and technologies shape an organization’s distinct reaction to cyber security risks. Tucana and Symantec solutions, insights and measurements execute an individual plan of attack.

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