QOE Systems

QoE Systems, Inc., formerly operating as Optimum, is specialized end-to-end Quality of Experience monitoring and testing, using ITU standards for objectively measuring perceived values such as voice, video and audio. The company has quickly established itself as an important player in the field of quality test & measurement and network monitoring, thanks to the expertise and long standing experience of its management and staff.

In today's ever more complex communications and media networks it is more and more the end-to-end quality which matters most and which deserves more and more emphasis. QoE Systems has focused on the ease of deploying objective perceptual measurements for hybrid networks of many kinds using easy to use test and monitoring solutions. Its line of Q-Master laboratory instruments is easy to deploy and very user friendly, such that comprehensive quality of service matters can quickly and accurately be measured and analyzed without a long and arduous process or long learning curve.

QoE Systems leverages the technology of its partners and suppliers who have established a number of ITU-T standards, such as PESQ or P.862, P.563, etc. It functions as both a licensor of these standard recommendations by licensing the libraries for these recommended algorithms, as well as provide software and systems for proper implementation and use.

The Company was founded late in 2002 in California's Silicon Valley where it can draw upon a large pool of experts in many related fields, and where several of its clients operate. It sells its products in North America through a number of Manufacturer's Representatives, and through local Distributors in countries outside of North America. The company is rapidly expanding its offering of both network monitoring tools and test and measurement instruments.