Utel Network Monitoring

Telecom Network Traffic Capture – 24/7/365 Monitoring in IP, Mobile & TDM Networks

10 THINGS STINGA Network Monitoring Tools do to help Network Operators

The Center in a Link Monitoring System

STINGA Central Server connects a number of STINGA Monitoring Probes capturing telecom network traffic 24/7/365 in mobile, VoIP, IMS and TDM networks. Billions of calls and transactions can be captured, processed and stored per day. The system is therefore perfect for a growing or changing businesses, as the system can range from one simple probe to a huge number of distributed probes – a highly scale-able and flexible solution.

STINGA Monitoring Probe


The ultimate tool for telecom network traffic capture.

  • Supports Mobile (2G-5G), VoIP, IMS and TDM Networks
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • XDR Generation & Storage
  • Real-time & Off-Line Protocol Analysis
  • Physical or Virtual Probe Server
  • Supports Multiple GE, SDH and TDM Interfaces


Data Analytics

STINGA Performance Analyzer is the Network & Business Analytics tool used on top of the Link Monitoring System to visualize the captured data. Live and scheduled KPI reporting related to network quality, fraud and billing is offered through a set of interactive dashboards – drill it, dice it and slice it.

STINGA Protocol analyzer supports O-RAN (open Radio Access Network)

Protocol decoding and analysis related to 5G Fronthaul Networks.

  • O-RAN C-plane (Control Plane)
  • O-RAN U-Plane (User Plane)
  • O-RAN S-Plane (PTP)

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