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Cloud Monitoring & Security Event




8:50 – 9:00


9:00 – 9:40



Why cloud connectivity becomes just as critical as compute

How to deliver and secure the required network connection quality to end users

Jari Augustin, CEO at Creanord

9:40 – 10:20

Advanced methods to "TAP" Cloud-native (5G) core networks

A new way of "tapping" TLS 1.3 cyphered traffic in a cloud-native environment
Christian Ferenz, CEO at Cubro

10:20 – 10:30


10:30 – 11:10

Best practices in cloud monitoring with H5 Network and Zabbix

Achieve your monitoring goals and integrate with open source solutions (Zabbix)

Eric Hummel, Director International Sales & Frédéric Guillois, President at H5

11:10 – 11:50

Get visibility for cloud connected architectures with NETSCOUT Smart Data

Optimise both service performance and cost in any multi-cloud deployment

Ray Krug, Director Product Marketing at NETSCOUT

11:50 – 12:30

Implement secure remote lab management for cyber security & testing

Create a high-performance testing infrastructure in a physical & virtual world

David Kyle, Global Channel Manager at NETSCOUT

12:30 – 13:30

Lunch break

13:30 – 14:10

Incorporate a Container Workload Protection Platform into an XDR platform

Built a full autonomous cybersecurity platform by adding cloud-native protection

Roel Raaijmakers & Lars Boerekamp at EXN, on behalf of SentinelOne

14:10 – 14:50

Secure the credentials in the era of remote working: Key to business continuity

A new approach to detect, monitor & secure cloud services and applications

Hans Diederen, Senior Security Engineer at Exabeam

14:50 – 15:00


15:00 – 15:40

How to deploy cloud services with confidence

New risks require a different strategy to your cloud security architecture

Harry Bannister, Cloud Security Solutions Architect at Proofpoint

15:40 – 16:20

Cloud monitoring and performance optimisation for business

What are the data security implications and cost optimisation opportunities?

Remco Verhoef, Co-founder and Chief Hacking Officer at DTACT


Note: Times are in CET time zone